An inspiration from Shawarma

Over the years I’ve become a fan of Shawarma. My first taste of it was in Owerri; Channel O was the place to be for a good bite, interestingly it went for as little as N300 then. Although there were other outlets but Channel O was the yardstick for patronizing them. I moved to Abuja and went on a search for a tasty Shawarma and found it in Shawarma King; although theirs was wrapped in paper it didn’t deter me from enjoying it, I had gotten so used to taking off each layer of foil (Channel O) to reveal the large chunks of meat, chicken or sausage mixed with shredded vegetables and a good dose of chili, hmmm the thought of it right now.


First day out.

I’m currently on leave and spending a part of it in Accra; sure needed some rest. I stepped out yesterday to get a local SIM because my lovely MTN did some magic with my airtime, guess my period of basking in the euphoria of using my Nigerian line on BlackBerry without any extra cost was over. Headed for the Accra Mall, got the new SIM and thank God for my guide/cousin who whispered to me that airtime was called Tap Up *Ghanaian accent* (Top up Nigerian Accent), wish you could see the look on the Sales girl’s face when I pronounced it lol. Looked around and decided I could try my hands on some of their food. Got to one of the eateries; didn’t have to waste so much time when I saw Shawarma. Placed an order for a Chicken Shawarma with chips and even requested for additional chili. I was pretty excited to have my teeth feast on it but… the joy was caught short when it arrived. I will let you figure out what exactly I was served.


My supposed shawarma


I gave up at this point, even the fork couldn’t stand it anymore….

I was too disappointed to talk, my cousin kept on laughing at me while she enjoyed her meal; in fact she called it Unleavened Bread. Seriously it wasn’t funny at all, but I chose to abandon the make-believe Shawarma (there were no chunks of chicken inside for compensation) *smh* vigorously; laughed over it, shared my cousin’s meal with her and got a large size of Pepperoni Pizza.


The excitement was in top gear…

How often have we desired something, in fact you already have the mental picture in your head. It may not be a meal maybe a job, partner, project etc. and for some reason when you finally get it, it falls beyond your expectation. What’s your reaction when it happens? Do you go creating a scene with the waiters or management (that’s if you were served unleavened bread instead of Shawarma)? Will it make you stop eating Shawarma? Truth is, we often let one incidence determine the rest of our lives. You set out to start a project and you failed at it, dust yourself up and go back to the drawing board; your last relationship didn’t work, move on and improve yourself in whatever capacity you find, you decided to quit smoking for 30 days , you were successful until the 25th day when you took a few drags and now you’re beating yourself and gradually drowning in low self-worth, a little advice you’re human and if you could stay without it for 24 days you can start again and remember your self-will won’t do the magic look to God to step into your weakness and watch the transformation.
Maybe I didn’t mention your own case, but you can relate it to the others mentioned. Don’t stop desiring and dreaming. An American author James Van Praagh said “He’d rather look forward and dream, rather than look backwards and regret”. My love for Shawarma hasn’t died, Oh Yea I’m going still eat it but I’ll be more careful with where I’m buying it from.

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14 Responses to An inspiration from Shawarma

  1. bijoy says:

    Nice creativity, good words of advice from your Accra Shawarma experience.

  2. E' says:

    Something good to come out of this thing they called sharwama at least… Good lesson love. And in accra stay away from everything called food. Especially Thier so can rice. Ewwwww.
    Stick to the popular snacks eg meat pie
    Then enjoy chicken and chips.
    It’s so cheap and the taste is familiar
    Whatever you do baby, better make sure the hips come back not lying

  3. lol! The excitement was in top gear…? Looks like a picture taken from the show Top Gear. No worries….drumstix is still in Abuja…

  4. Food!!!!!!!!!…*big grin*
    I love the allusion….Great piece!
    Cheers ma’am!

  5. bethelli says:

    i am truly amazed at how u connect 2 the lil things of life and spread it over to the bigger picture, I guess this is how God tru His Word works on us! I am touched by this article as always. God bless u richly.

    • JMAD says:

      What can I say, eve God asked us to observe the ants. There’s a whole lot to learn from “little things”. Thanks for stopping by, been a while.

      • bethelli says:

        lol Chijie tks 4d prompt response I am truly amized I am painted as the person dat went AWOL lol “U wer d one dat traveld o! nt me. Anyways sumtimes it pays 2stay off reach. Well pls tak kia of ur slf as God blesses jmadreflects. Maranatha!

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