Little Kehinde; the Exodus

Taniz Makeover

Little Kehinde and his twin Taye

It feels like yesterday when Little Kenny’s picture was put up on my friend’s display picture on BlackBerry. I could have let it pass but I’m grateful to God I obeyed His voice and did a post. It evoked a lot of emotions and many people responded. A lot has happened over the past few weeks. I’ll give an update on Kenny’s Exodus to restoration.

Chrome Group

*Beat the drums and sound the alarm*. He’ll be leaving for India on Sunday (Yea I can see your huge smile, in fact you can scream if you want to). Who says God isn’t amazing. Look at us trying to raise N2,000,000.00 for treatment in Nigeria not knowing God had something greater in store for us. You all made it possible. I wish I could upload the Bank Statement but I can’t but a Greater Person sees it and for every single labour of love you showed whether in cash, prayers, reblogging or retweeting, form a memorial in heaven and our God who sees secretly will openly reward you.

I want to specially thank HMG Foundation and The Chrome Group who supported hugely. Words may not express it all but I’m grateful.
Despite the fact he had Septicemia and was admitted for a while; he’s doing great now. Like I said it’s not over until he recovers fully. We still need some more funds for his accommodation and upkeep in India. Please let’s pass the word on, whatever you can afford can go a long way. Tiny drops make a mighty ocean. God has brought us far and He never leaves anything half-way.
Below is the Account Details: –
Bank Name – First Bank Plc.
Branch – Utako, Abuja.
Acct. Name – Kehinde Olaniyi
Acct. No. – 3071759501
May we continue to uphold Little Kenny in our prayers as we look forward to his healing story. Like my Indian brothers will say एक सुरक्षित यात्रा है और अच्छा प्रभु आप मार्गदर्शन कर सकते हैं ((Have a safe trip and may the Good Lord guide you).



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2 Responses to Little Kehinde; the Exodus

  1. Taniz Makeover says:

    Jmad neva told me u can speak fake indian language…
    You are such a great person
    Thanks for been there 4me…
    Social network has its negative and positive sides..
    But you have used it positevly and am proud of u meennn…
    With you,i got the a lotta support from people
    You are d best Blogger of th year(No beefing pls)
    You will see Gods hand in your life..
    Thank u all for ur prayers,Support n love…

    • JMAD says:

      Thanks Alaba . Meanwhile don’t let me spill out my hindu for you heheheheheheheheh. Its really God that did all this, I was only available for Him and May God reward you for your self-less work towards Little Kehinde.

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