Botox and implants

Often times I watch Dr 90210 and see the excruciating pains ladies go through to have breast implants and most of the reasons had to do with confidence. Ladies ain’t we just lucky, there’s almost a solution to basically all our physical deficiencies.

  • You’ve got a small boob: implants or those amazing padded bras;
  • Small behind and flabby stomach: body magic
  •  Spongy and short hair: Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian hair
  • Spots on the face: foundation/powder
  • Not too tall (trying to be modest, if you know what I mean): six inches shoe
  •  Stunted nails: artificial nails
  • Lines in form of wrinkles on the face: Botox to the rescue.

Oh guys, I really feel for you, I share in your sympathy; how will you be able to know what’s for real these days. An advice from me; pray hard for the spirit of discernment.


Looking at the list above, you’ll realise they are all done to enhance our appearance; the effect is seen on the outside. Here’s the question, can we implant a new spirit, do a liposuction on our sins or botox our depression? You know, we hear people say If Eve hadn’t eaten that apple…? Can we just slow down a bit and listen, Eve made a mistake but she’s not the mistake. Ladies quit blaming yourself and move on. There are only two people mentioned in the entire Bible as helpers and they are The Holy Spirit and the Woman. Ladies we are helpers and should live with that consciousness.
A preacher once said and I quote her “The woman is the only source of life to the world, once she’s defiled, the entire world is defiled” WHAT!!! We haven’t been called for just makeup, hair and shoes rather to be flashlights for others to see. Anyone who finds us has definitely found a good thing and has obtained favour from the Lord. The world is favoured to have us or are we like constant rain  drop, which is so irritating that people will rather live on the roof top than share a house with us.
Please, please and please again stop using the phrase “Think like a man”. We were not made to function that way. A man couldn’t resist the fruit we placed before him. You’ve got so much power; you need no book on Art of Seduction to use it, harness the power within you and it’ll amaze you to see the effect.
For the singles, you want a name change but you still have confidence issues. You’re comparing yourself to every lady out there; working so hard to fit into the image of the ladies on fashion magazines. Trying to be someone else is like forcing your feet into a shoe that isn’t your size, you may eventually succeed at it but it’ll hurt and leave you with blisters. Be yourself and work at becoming the woman God has created you to be. Improve yourself daily; don’t wait for a man to make you relevant to the world. It pains my heart to see a woman get lost once she’s married. Often times her name starts to disappear gradually while dating, for example I was in a gathering, someone was trying to explain some lady and the only way he could do that was Mr A’s girlfriend. Please don’t go telling me it’s rare. Another example “During her year as Secretary of State, Clinton emerged from her husband’s shadow, no longer Clinton No. 2 but Hilary Rodham Clinton”. Ladies set the ball rolling. Don’t just be another statistics in the world rather be a force to be reckoned with. It could be as little as mentoring a child or as big as setting up a school for free education. Whatever it is, make sure its adding value to people’s lives. In doing this you are living out a life that’s totally sold out to God and you become the answer to people’s prayers. Your heart is equally hidden in Christ, any man who desires you, will have to seek God knowing it’s in His presence.

To the married, I duff my heart for you but there’s more to be done. Your greatest aspiration is to be the woman described in Proverbs 31. Your husband will be praised at the gate because of you and your children will call you blessed. God has entrusted the world, (by that I mean your husband and kids) in your hands. Please don’t let them slip away. In a world where we want to be relevant, may you find the grace and wisdom to strike a balance.
We have been bought at a price by the Blood of Jesus, we are women of a different status and as Janette puts it “We are to be the exact of our Architect’s design”.


Two men came along…..

For a while now, I’ve been praying for a man in my life, incidentally I wasn’t the only one on Heaven’s helpline; my mom and two sisters were equally praying. Ladies don’t go acting like you don’t know what I’m referring to …. but on a second thought, do you really know? Sit back and enjoy the story of how two men came into my life in less than two years.

In the beginning God created male and female; in my case there was the female but no male. We are three girls in the family aka daddy’s girls, three angels. We all wanted a brother although the absence of one while growing up unconsciously made us pseudo boys. The only thing we didn’t try was changing the tyres of a car. The prayers went up regularly; four years, six years, ten years, fifteen years and still nothing with all the miscarriages that happened along the road but we kept on believing. My mom is one strong woman, she had so much faith that she’ll give birth again, she made sure no one mishandled the big pram in the house which by the way should be in a museum; that particular type is rear now, in fact I was carried in it (so you can understand my drift).

After sixteen years she took in and the day she told me, if I say I was shocked it would have been an understatement. You know, we often pray for mind-blowing blessings and when we finally receive it we simply can’t believe it. On the 21st of December 2011 Somtobenna, Udezurumba, David, Orlando Jr was born. Oh! You don’t want to know the joy he brought to everyone who saw him. He made the story of Sarah come alive in the 21st century.Just when we were getting used to having a brother, God blesses my mom with another boy. I wanted one boy (man) but God sent two boys (men) along.
I don’t know what you have desired for so long and with each passing day it gets harder to believe it’ll ever come to pass. It may just seem impossible with you but my dear, that’s where God specializes. He loves to wow us with testimonies. Science has told us women above 45 have passed their biological clock bla bla bla, but hey!!! We serve a God who calls things into existence from nothing. A God who created the world we see with Words. Is there anything too hard for the Lord? God is not slack in confirming His Word.
What is your last word? At the end of the day, whose report will you believe in? The Word of God should be our reference point. What does the Word say concerning that situation you’re currently going through? I’ll end with the lyrics of Bless the Lord by Tye Tribbett & G.A.
God is able to do
Just what He said He’ll do
He’s gonna fulfil, every promise to you
Don’t give up on God
Cos He won’t give up on you

Loads of Love

Little Kehinde; the Exodus

Taniz Makeover
Little Kehinde and his twin Taye

It feels like yesterday when Little Kenny’s picture was put up on my friend’s display picture on BlackBerry. I could have let it pass but I’m grateful to God I obeyed His voice and did a post. It evoked a lot of emotions and many people responded. A lot has happened over the past few weeks. I’ll give an update on Kenny’s Exodus to restoration.

Chrome Group

*Beat the drums and sound the alarm*. He’ll be leaving for India on Sunday (Yea I can see your huge smile, in fact you can scream if you want to). Who says God isn’t amazing. Look at us trying to raise N2,000,000.00 for treatment in Nigeria not knowing God had something greater in store for us. You all made it possible. I wish I could upload the Bank Statement but I can’t but a Greater Person sees it and for every single labour of love you showed whether in cash, prayers, reblogging or retweeting, form a memorial in heaven and our God who sees secretly will openly reward you.

I want to specially thank HMG Foundation and The Chrome Group who supported hugely. Words may not express it all but I’m grateful.
Despite the fact he had Septicemia and was admitted for a while; he’s doing great now. Like I said it’s not over until he recovers fully. We still need some more funds for his accommodation and upkeep in India. Please let’s pass the word on, whatever you can afford can go a long way. Tiny drops make a mighty ocean. God has brought us far and He never leaves anything half-way.
Below is the Account Details: –
Bank Name – First Bank Plc.
Branch – Utako, Abuja.
Acct. Name – Kehinde Olaniyi
Acct. No. – 3071759501
May we continue to uphold Little Kenny in our prayers as we look forward to his healing story. Like my Indian brothers will say एक सुरक्षित यात्रा है और अच्छा प्रभु आप मार्गदर्शन कर सकते हैं ((Have a safe trip and may the Good Lord guide you).