Please don’t judge me


Met this guy the other day and we instantly heated it up. There was no doubt; the chemistry had covalent bonds and in less than two weeks he invited me for a trip to Malta (how did he know I’ve been dying to go there) *doing back flips and azonto in the air*. I look forward to the journey. Please don’t judge me.

I love to see porn, it gives me some great ideas; I usually put up some pictures on my display picture too. God gave me an awesome body; plunging neck line do my great assets justice and those skimpy gowns expose my gazelle legs. Please don’t judge me, God looks at the heart and not the body.

I’ve a thing with words. I love to say silly jokes, especially on Twitter. It keeps my timeline interesting and I have more followers by saying such things. Hey!!! Please don’t go judging me about what I say, God knows the content of my heart.

Have we come across this line PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME? Or should I ask, when was the last time you became defensive when someone tried to correct you and you dropped that line? For some funny reason we practise selective reading. We’ve read in Matthew chap 7 vs 1 “Do not judge, so you may not be judged”. Chambers Dictionary explains Judge as “to point out or declare what is just, to compare facts to determine the truth, to form an opinion”.

Judge 1

Have we noticed, the phrase don’t judge me comes up when someone is doing something wrong and is corrected. Please if anyone has any contrary opinion to what I just said, speak up now or forever hold your peace. When we were younger; our parents spanked us at some point. What were the reasons for the spanking? Wasn’t it because we did something wrong? Can we say parents shouldn’t spank or correct their children simply because they didn’t want to judgemental? Some years back, a friend told me he couldn’t be judged by anyone; therefore he could act in a certain way. He got that information from the Bible where we are told we are under Grace and not under the law but the Word of God is a double edged sword. We can’t just read a part and run with it.

Doctors and lawyers are known by their uniforms so are we when we act or speak in a certain way. Let’s stop giving the devil the opportunity to sell lies to us. Our ultimate point of reference is the Bible. What does it say about our words, actions, dressings, and attitude? I can’t put up two naked people as my display picture and expect anyone to turn a blind eye to it. What message is it passing across?

There’s a thin line between judging (forming an opinion) and condemning. We should know the difference. Does it mean you’re perfect if you judge anyone? No, far from it; but as a person who strives for a closer walk with God, there are things you’ll see and the presence of the Holy Spirit within you’ll push you to speak to the person, not in a condemning way rather out of compassion.

As we step out today, let us be mindful of the lives we live. Remember for you to correct someone, you should have taken out the log of wood in your eyes to enable you see properly; invariably seek to live a life that’s totally sold out to God, focus on Him and every other thing will align towards Him. See you on the other side.



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14 Responses to Please don’t judge me

  1. itycharles says:

    pls how do you correct people without judging bcos it is judgment before verdict

    • JMAD says:

      The manner of approach is very important. What’s your reason for your opinion about the situation? Don’t go sounding holier than thou and if you’ve been in a similar situation in the past, it’ll be great to use that as a case study too.

      • spot on! A lot of times we compare our good to someone elses bad..and feel better about ourselves. ‘Judge not..” is good advice…and is an ATTITUDE thing. What is bad is bad…and wen the bible clearly says it is is wrong. However, condemning someone else and passing sentence. That’s Gods job..and Romans 14 is clear how he feels about us tryna do that job for Him. Nice one ma’am

      • JMAD says:

        Somehow we’ve gotten confused with judgement and condemnation, hence people are scared to correct someone who is going off-track. T.D. Jakes puts it this way “We don’t come to God through morals, cos if we do, we tend to think less of people who aint getting it right” I make mistakes sometimes and I receive corrections and I’ve friends too who don’t get it right sometimes and I chip in a word too. We all need the grace to correct without condemning the person. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Boliuma says:

    I absolutely agree! Interesting read

  3. CHIMA says:

    i see how ‘please dont judge me’ could be the ‘safe phrase’ we use to justify our actions, but u know wat dey say bout the other side of the coin. ‘please dont judge me’ could actually mean ‘please dont judge me’!

    • JMAD says:

      Hmmmmmm. Yea but we’ve hidden under the umbrella of that phrase to get away with certain things we should have actually worked on.

  4. Diala(Eng.) says:

    Truth is an ardent and exhilarating virtue. Half of the difficulties which men foresee in loyalty to truth-telling;the fear of giving offense or distress or of bringing despair-arise because people are accustomed to lies and require them for moral justification.
    Our human situation,therefore prevents the best of men from realizing an unflawed good,and leaves most of us groping feebly and clumsily and with only intermittent resolve after a very corrupt notion of what is for the best. This is itself evil by default,the moral evil of our frailty and finitude. Evil is,based on the description by the old philosophers,PRIVATIO BONI;a deprivation or absence of good.
    I came across a bosom lady friend;a ravishingly beautiful lady whose embrace I have missed like a Nigerian misses steady power supply-at the airport a fortnight ago. I did not hesitate to say;”You are simply breast-taking”. Unexpectedly,she perceived that to be complimentary not knowing that I chided her humorously because her mammary-gland was so conspicuous that a little more contact would have resulted to an indecent exposure. To be honest,she exuded so much sensuality that almost triggered an involuntary stimulation towards my loins that would have necessitated an outburst of endophins concurrent with immoral gesture…Did I do any wrong? Remember,Jesus was never economical with his abhorrence for malfeasance,underhandedness and dissimulation as He boldly called Herod a fox because of his attitude towards his fellow men.(Luke 13:32). Similarly,read Ezekiel 3:18.
    However,man himself is a complex and composite being;and his own nature rules out the possibility of any straight-forward and unchallengeable good. We are often times confronted with an insoluble moral problem;how can we weigh one good for one person against another partial good for another. I have a friend;a septuagenarian,who has taught me about ancient wisdom and how the life of man became solitary,brutish and short. On one of my numerous visits to his house;after going through the security protocols and seated in the living room,I heard his voice,”There’s coffee,booze in the bar,’jamba’ in its usual place. Keep yourself busy,I”ll join you soon.” I decided to keep busy in my own way and went for the movie rack. I was in utter disbelief and consequently overwhelmed with awe in what I saw. Daddy-as I fondly called him-had a collection of pornographic movies that out-numbered the years of Nigeria’s democracy. When he joined me,I asked him the reason for such despicable habit and he replied,”That’s my doctors prescription for High Blood Pressure.” I did not need a Urologist to educate me on how blood is responsible for a boner which corroborates the assertion of some ladies that the irrational behaviour of some men is caused by the downward flow of the blood from the brain to the loins. We had a constructive discussion on that day that at some point he said he would like me to meet his youngest later when she returned from America. His words,”She is due for marriage. She is a beauty to behold and I know you will love her.”
    “A heteronomous person is one who allows some external authority,human or divine,to decide for him what is right or wrong. The autonomous man may not disagree with traditional ideas of what is right in any given case,but he does not consider that his actions are truly and fully moral unless he makes up his own mind”,J. Austin Baker

  5. Ogetours says:

    God bless you for this nnem!!!!

  6. @eloxie says:

    Loved this! thanks sis. Bless your heart.

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