What lies beneath?

Apple tree

Looking at that tree, you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you it’s an apple tree. A friend put up a tweet and I’ll quote him “I judge people by their tweets” and I replied “An apple tree doesn’t produce orange, even if it was grafted, an apple-orange fruit will be produced.

Back in my days in the university, there was this lady I respected so much you know, the type we call Spirit-filled, tongue-blasting, demon exterminator. Yea she was all that but something happened and I lost some form of respect. We had a meeting and there was a disagreement between her and someone and the things she said didn’t go down well with me. I had placed her way above, but in a few minutes all that came crashing down because of her attitude.

We’ve heard so much of the importance of “making a first impression”.  She may have been having a bad day and reacted in that way, but the problem here is, everyone present that day won’t sit around and wait for her explanations. When you’re pushed to the wall, how do you react? There have been countless stories of rape occurring as a result of alcohol and I ask one simple question, who’s to be blamed for the rape: the lady, guy or the alcohol?  Here’s my opinion and like I said MY OPINION (I’ll like to hear yours). I feel alcohol is like a body to enable the thoughts on the inside come alive. Anyone who commits rape and blames it on alcohol is committing another offense of lying. My dear, you’ve nursed the idea ( even if it wasn’t going to be forceful), long before that day.

Guard your heart

The greatest Book of all time has this to say “As a man thinks, so is he” Prov. 23 vs 7, “Guard your heart, for out of it flows the issues of life” Prov. 4 vs 23. I’m going to ask a few questions and it’s for everyone regardless of religion. What’s the content of your heart? Beyond your beautiful/handsome face, what lies beneath? Who are you when your door is closed to the world?

I remember speaking to someone on watching pornography. *Takes a deep breath*. You know, we’ve heard there’s always a good side of everything. Newsflash!!! There’s no good side to porn. You only end up having unattainable expectations from your partner. If you want to stay sane, sever yourself from it.


What do we occupy our minds with daily? When the Israelites were beaten by snakes, God asked Moses to erect a staff, anyone who looked at it received healing. Note the word LOOKED. We can’t take in junk and expect to produce anything different.

Truth is, we may not express all the nasty stuff we have on the inside, but it’ll definitely show up one way or the other. We can only succeed in pretending for a while but we can never be consistent if the root of our old way of doing things is still receiving nutrient from the same soil. You can’t truly change by just saying it or temporarily putting off the little vices. Our change comes from a renewal of our minds. It’s a continuous exercise.

Can we take out time to unveil the contents of our hearts? When something good happens to a friend and we send our congratulations; if our hearts our ripped into two, will it be the same report? Has jealousy eaten you up? No one may know because you are always smiling and you’re always in the picture for every celebration. I learnt something a while ago and I’ll share it with you. You may have a friend who’s got everything going: good job/business, amazing relationship/marriage and all that and somehow whenever you hear another good news a tinge of jealousy wells up on the inside. Here’s what you can do, speak a word of blessing over the person, thank God for the person. This is the secret, whatever you wish someone has a way of coming back to you, and unconsciously you are getting rid of jealousy.

Change your thoughts

There you go. I’m hopeful you’ll start working on the contents of your heart.  May your heart be filled with love till there is an overflow.




8 thoughts on “What lies beneath?”

  1. You know tz d jealousy part that got to me
    I’m never ashamed to say when I’m jealous. Even if jokingly.
    But I brush it aside quickly too and tap into it…
    And sow into that life if I can
    as for first impressions, I was still telling le boo recently that u are just a good person… Before I met you, when I met you and after then, my testimony of you is same…
    Feel free to blush

    1. Awwwwww. Now your going make me cry. Thanks dear I appreciate. You know you inspire me. I’m glad to have met you. May God’s hand continue to rest upon you. You know your surface hasn’t been scratched yet. *Big bear hug*

  2. Chijie tnks for your write up… I totaly left the office to cry. I just could not control it. But you see concerning your opinion… which is rather logical and a bit psychological NO MATTER HOW THIN A SLICE IS THERE ARE ALWAYS TWO SIDES TO IT. Blieve you me Chijie ders a spirit or a comitee of demons behind that’s wicked sin. Be it that alcohol served as a catalyst or the perversed mind! I did my NYSC @Yengoa which afterwords I volunteered to work with the organization I served (Child Rescue Int. – a faith based NGO) We were busy preparing and cooking for a crusade program for the children camp; non of (we) the Voluntered staff or copper was with the children at the program venue that day! Next we were still at the kitchen at home preparing when we got a call that one of the children had been raped. We ran and saw a bleeding 9yr old girl… I stil feel it’s my fault I should have been there! I have been living with this guilt for over 3yrs and it just escalatd 2day! Typing this experience is the most corageous thing I had done in a while. I could not even finish reading your post I was so shaken up At first. We pursued the case We even caught the VICTIM and arrested him with the help of the police It was at the police station that we got statistics that a minimum of 5 girls are raped weekly in the main land camp; 8 in the riverine areas of Bayelsa camp; this goes for only cases that are reported. I left Yenagoa through the back door I was also a Children pastor there But who knows how the children are 2 day! The statitics made me SICK, When the victim was about to be released through his parental connection on terms he had mental issues! I was more so sick and I left Yenagoa. I disapointd everyone the children, colleagues, friends pastor etc 2nd of Jan 2010 I came in in 2 Abuja. Am now the Children Pastor, yet today I wonder is it Gods commission or is guilt having it on me again JMAD! but it’s God just using this wordpress blog to deal with ALL my emotion And this truly hurts Wish I just lie on the cold floor and cuddle myslf up But may God forgive me in every areas I come short of His expectation via laxity and procastination. I just don’t know how I fill any more Exactly the same way I felt in NYSC camp when I told my roommates I had never tasted alcohol since I was born And the way everyone deserted me and stopped being friendly stil frightens me I even tried taking alcohol just to gain acceptance I couldn’t go through it even till this day I fill so shalow lonely incomplete an empty God ? is there wikednes in this world ???????? Thanks Chijie for this post. O! jmad! dis ur post has..

    1. Hmmmmmmmm. Bethel what can I say? There’s a similar case of something i’m supposed to do and its related to what you went through. God help me to really go ahead to help and stop procrastinating. I’m doing a post that’ll be put on sunday and this rape case breaks my heart. You can’t keep on punishing yourself for what happened in the past. What you have is now, use it. You can look for NGO’s handle such cases and volunteer to help, that way you’re fighting a course you couldn’t have done in the past. All the best dear.

      1. Hmmmmm ? does Sunday ring a bel? Hop you know the Holy Spirit’s 1st daughter’s bday would be coming up this Sun. LOOL Okay it really felt good to smile a little. About that NGO offer Chijie I want to leave those sensitive matters to able hands (people like you) but I would love 2 start up my NGO its a very broad idea I need time and resources. Hop you would tag along wen the time comes Anyway there are other things I would love to say but… Chijie pls take care! I recommend you leave Sun for other …. lol

      2. I’ll tag along hopefully. Truth is, i’m not even strong enough to help but I always try not to get emotional and deal with whatever issue that comes up. About sunday ……… lips sealed.

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