An experience from The Ladies


The rest room has been attributed to mean different things; it’s no longer just for convenience. To the ladies, it’s a sort of studio to take pictures, to song writers; a place where ideas for lyrics are penned down. The rest room just got another job description, from my experience.

It was another Friday, and I had to be in church, but something happened over lunch in the office. I got into some form of uproar, with a colleague who wanted to take some of the replenished items home. You might be wondering what it was; Beverages. It’s amazing how people put on the cloak of poverty without knowing it. She was of the opinion, that the beverages belonged to no one in particular, besides it was bought for the staff and she’s a staff; hence, she might as well take some home. All I tried to say to her, fell on deaf ears and she ended up calling me “miss goody two shoes”, saying we are in Naija, and everyone is doing it; her taking a few tins of beverages wouldn’t really change a thing. I knew my conversation with her, was heading towards a brick wall and just like the Holy Book says, “Do not argue with a fool, a passer-by may not be able to tell who the fool is”. I simply let her be.

That kind of affected the rest of my day and I was looking forward to 5.30 p.m., to head off to church. I went through all the security checks and got a seat. Just as I was settling in, a tall dark and handsome guy walked in and sat by my side. I literally had to pinch myself to concentrate during the service. As if the pastor knew, he would say turn to your neighbour and say “God loves you and so do I; I won’t harm you with the words of my mouth”. We got to praise and worship and the lead singer goes; turn to your neighbour and… (I’m like can this neighbour thing just stop already).

Mid-way into the praise and worship my stomach started acting funny. I thought I could apply some words of faith “Be still”, but for every time I spoke to it, the ache increased. I knew the only message it could respond to, was the rest room. I quickly made an exit.


When I was done the unimaginable happened. The water closet was faulty and couldn’t flush.  I was so confused, suddenly the light was taken. A voice starts to yell in my head “Quietly leave, no one will know, besides there’s no light” on the other hand a still small voice whispers to me “Do the right thing”.

I also remembered “Your true character shows up when no one’s looking”.

I had a flashback of the incident with my colleague. I made up my mind to do what was right, whatever it took.  I summoned up courage and opened up the door, looked around for some form of help and hidden under the dressing table was my knight in shining armour in form of a bucket. I got water from the sink, although it was a slow process, but with every scoop, I could see God smiling down at me.

I learnt from that experience, we’ve all been given a freedom of choice. What we do with it, is entirely up to us. We are not defined by what we tell people rather what we do when no one is looking. A sixty seconds decision can make so much difference.

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12 Responses to An experience from The Ladies

  1. bethelli says:

    Wao so glad I dropped by… lol dis is yet d best piece I have ever read on jmadreflect (How wunt it be wen it was written on my bday month). It felt as doe I was in my mothers alms while readin. Indeed I hav had many of dis “moments” @work & I often dread them cos often tymes … it leaves me wit my coleagues callin me names (bongkon, yeye, okpo, etc) Well I guess aldoes tymes Jesus was smilin @me. I was d 1st staff 2return change after makin a stationary purchase for d company … d HRM starred literally @me 4over 5mins Wonderin were I was from! Just as its bad 2b bad Its trully gud 2b gud … and basd on other virtues similar 2does stated above (virtues dat Jesus xpects us 2exhibit even wen no 1 is watchin us) 2day Iam nw d PA of my MD & on Monday will b @d American Embassy 4a Visa Interview (Yep I 1ce tut a company sendin a staff abroad was farry tale …. God willin I wil b leavin d shores of dis country 2chicago 2nd wk of June! Jst wnt 2encourage evry1 out dere Dont eva get weary of doing d right thing Thanks Chijie!! 2 al children of God Keep d light shinin evn in d dark … 2al citizens of Nigeria always act CIVIL … God bless d writer n d reader of dis web page Selah!

  2. Dina says:

    A nice one Dear, u just taught me sometin. Kep up d gud work.God bless

  3. Eziaha says:

    Oh wow
    Amazing hun…
    Btw I hate d ‘turn to ur nebs’ tin too

  4. ijeoma Nwaogu says:

    Really nice piece! Keep up d good work Dear.May God give us d grace 2 always do d right tin even when nobody is watching cos God is always watching.Kudos 2 u Dear,U are a very good writer.God bless u!

  5. Melodicpraise says:

    Very nice write up Chijioke! I hear you loud and clear. Sometimes it looks crazy the little things we do just to do the right things. In shopping malls, I always insist on people putting the carts in the designated area but some people think it’s just a waste of time and never do it….

    Thanks for sharing your “restroom” moment. 🙂

    • JMAD says:

      Awwwww. Thanks. Its really the little things that reveals our true character. I must applaud you for your “insignificant” attitude yet so profound. Keep at it. Even if no one applauds you God is proud of you.

  6. tessadoghor says:

    I still sometimes hesitate before giving back extra change
    I sometimes wonder how much it matter when so few are doing the right thing
    I do it anyway
    Its my choice to honour my God in all my ways
    And this is one of them
    You did good.

    • JMAD says:

      “When so few are doing the right thing”. Choosing to do right may not be popular opinion but its foolishness to the wise. May we continue to shine as lights in our environment. Thanks for your thoughts.

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