They should be jailed, in fact stoned to death.


I was with a friend and a song came up on the radio and there was this glow in my eyes; the song is so dear to my heart and somehow we deviated to the artiste who did the song. Incidentally he was gay, my friend made a statement that gave birth to this post and I quote him “When I found out he was gay, I stopped liking him”.

Yea I can see all my “zealous faithful Christians” nodding their heads in agreement to his remarks. I watched the session on the Anti-gay bill by the House of Representatives, which eventually resulted in a 14 year jail term. I’m pretty sure, if the hearts of some people were revealed, we would have heard a death sentence by stoning.

I recently asked a friend and I ask you the same question “If you found out I was gay, would you change the way you feel about me”? Over the years there has been a whole lot of debate on the issue of homosexuality. From the Church to the street, there has been protest on the issue. You’ll be wondering where I’m headed with all these talk? Strap your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

Here’s my take on it. Homosexuality is WRONG. (Someone just heaved a sigh of relief, saying thank God she’s not gay) but don’t get too excited. The same way it’s wrong is the same way adultery, fornication or any other form of sexual sin is wrong. I’ve heard people say they prefer lesbians to homosexuals *smh.

How come there’s no jail term for other sexual sins. I don’t know of other religions but I can speak of Christianity. The only way we know a thing is wrong is through information. We all got the information that homosexuality is wrong from the Bible but I’m seriously wondering why there’s no national debate on the others. Is this a case of lesser evil???

Am I in support of the ordination of a gay priest or bishop? NO. The same way I won’t support someone who’s involved in adultery to lead a church. We live in times where we practise selective reading. We want to go to a church where the pastor will tell us only what we want to hear while some areas in our lives have the sign Out of Bounds. Once that area is touched we change churches.

Out of bounds

Who made us judges over homosexuals? If we want to wear those shoes, then we’ve got to go the whole nine yards. We need to speak up against any form of sexual sin. Until we start doing that, we’ll remain HYPOCRITES. This reminds me of an opinion by a Pastor  on the woman with the Alabaster box. The woman passed all the men that dined with Jesus, they all murmured Sinner Woman under their breath but couldn’t restrain her, it may be some of them there had patronised her in the past.

We scream Stone her! Stone her!! Stone her!!! In the morning for adultery; in the night we get lost in passion with someone who’s not our spouse, and we tag it a cute name, having fun or an affair. “Shun immorality and all sexual looseness. Any other sin a man commits is outside the body but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who lives within you… so then, honour God and bring glory to Him in your body”. 1 Cor. 6 vs 18 – 20 AMP.

Hatred won’t change anyone. On the contrary show Love. It’s been said it’s only in the church, a wounded soldier is sent out. I’ll end with the lyrics of Jesus Friend of Sinner by Casting Crowns.

Jesus, friend of sinners

We have strayed so far away

We cut down people in your name

But the sword was never ours to swing

Jesus, friend of sinners

The truth’s become so hard to see

The world is on their way to You

But they’re tripping over me

Always looking around but never looking up

I’m so double minded

A plank eyed saint with dirty hands

And a heart divided

Oh Jesus, friend of sinners

Open our eyes to world

At the end of our pointing fingers

Let our hearts be led by mercy

Help us reach with open hearts

And open doors

Oh Jesus, friend of sinners

Break our hearts for what breaks Yours,



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26 Responses to They should be jailed, in fact stoned to death.

  1. king Dave Anya says:

    I totally agree wiv u! Nice post dear

  2. Ebele says:

    Good one C-babe

  3. aik says:

    True. We have named ourselves judge and jury and have created standards that specify lesser and greater sins…standards that God has not set. This is a reminder. Thank you.

  4. brens says:

    nice work. keep up

  5. Jaydaa says:

    Thank God man ain’t God. We can be so judgemental but Jesus came for us all.
    Nice piece.

  6. Justin says:

    we love people and that means loving them unconditionally, irrespective of who or what they become..nice piece on the topic, keep it up my dear

    • JMAD says:

      Thanks dear. The sum total of the christian faith is all about Love but we have chosen to deal with a part and let the other slide.

  7. femmetotale says:

    Wow! Nice work! I remember speaking up vehemently against the bill that demanded 14 yrs imprisonment for gay activity in my work place and I asked, ‘if you found out that your son was gay, would you recommend that he be jailed for it, locked up in the same place as murderers, armed robbers and dangerous criminals?’ While I don’t encourage it, to me, gay activities are victimless offenses, the only victims that are affected are the persons who engage in it. That should not be a subject for the law to take sanctions against. If we must be sanctimonious about it then let us also throw in adultery and fornication while we’re at it. Again, great one, JMAD.

    • JMAD says:

      Thanks for your thought. I’m glad to see people share similar thoughts with me. Come to think of it. Will there be any form of rehab. behind bars for such “supposed offenders”. I think they’ll simply recline into their shell and probably come out worse than they got in.

  8. Satyri says:

    truly we have become judge and jury
    wielding our own version of God’s fury
    twisted and void of sight we have no eye for mercy
    truly we have become judge and twisted jury

    – Christians of nowadays suffer from a severe case of selective blindness. Sadly Christ didn’t die for all this. It is as though you reached into my brain and extracted my exact thoughts. In love with your analysis!!! Time to rethink our WALK OF LOVE

  9. Gaia says:

    Thanks for this article! I got into a discussion at work where one of my colleagues who is always complaining about corruption in Nigeria told me plainly that corruption is much better than homosexuality; I was like What?!! And this is someone I refer to as a progressive Nigerian o, a young single dr; educated abroad… So you can imagine the level of hypocrisy that exists; one sin is better than the other… Really?!!

    • JMAD says:

      *smh* vigorously. Its a case of lesser evil. There’ll be lots of surprises at the end of this world. God help us all. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. amaeze says:

    Lovely write up, he who had ears let him (her) hear.

  11. elchyko says:

    very good read. i like the opennes of mind and the honesty you tried to exhibit.
    our world would he a better place if we made time to stop being sanctimonious.
    truth is i dont judge people and i wouldnt feel any different about you if i discovered you were homosexual, i believe its a free world… man can do as he pleases.
    I’d only open my mouth if what you are doing affects somebody else… that’s why rape for me is worse. i don’t care what two consenting men or women do behind closed doors.. although i really would not endorse gay marriage because i strongly believe it is unnatural.

    • JMAD says:

      I like the angle you’re coming from and yes before men rape is cruel and people often advocate death for culprits and I share your thoughts too but if we want to look at it as a sexual sin then they are all equal. Well we are definitely in the last days and many of us are sitting on the fence to play safe, I pray our hearts get in tune with God’s message for the world. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  14. Nice one. I was speaking to to Muslim sisters a few weeks ago and found out just how morally sound they were. They dont even watch most of the series and movies we watch with nudity and all. talk less of engaging in immoral acts…I couldn’t even shake hands!!! We mock members of a certain Christian group because of their ‘modesty’ in dressing and yet these ladies still look beautiful in their hijabs (the more devout ones dont like being told they are beautiful!). It is easy for us to sit on our high horses and judge peoples bad with our good…if only we knew how God looks at us in OUR sin…we would be a whole lot gentler with others. When Jesus said “Judge not” it is not because judging is a sin..but because the SAME way we judge others…we will be judged. So when we cry “stone them”, we are stoning ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing

    • JMAD says:

      It’s really amazing to see beyond the façade of Christianity. We’ve become judge and jury. I have always said at the end of this world many of us will be surprised when we meet God. May we truly be overwhelmed by the love of God for the world. Thanks for your contribution *and stopping by*

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