Ten Over Ten

Ten over ten

There’s this lady who seems to have it all together. She’s got this coke bottle body, sun tanned skin, hazel eyes, legs like a gazelle. Graduated top of her class, got this awesome 6 figure job, an amazing husband …

Hey!!! Come back home. I can just imagine what’s going through your imaginative mind (Some of the guys are silently praying to meet someone like her, and some of the ladies are rolling their eyes). If I knew her I would have introduced her to you but sorry dear she’s virtual now although I hope to meet her someday.

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the song “Ten over ten” by Naeto C. One question that comes to my mind and I’ll love to share it with you “Does anyone ever get Ten over Ten in life”? Let me paint a picture and I’ll indulge you to join me with every dotted line that forms the entire picture.

A couple just gets married, they start praying for a child, the child comes, goes through school. Gains admission into the university and the parents are worried if the child will make right decisions (the mother secretly wakes up at night to pray), finally graduates, goes for N.Y.S.C. which happens with the parents running around to make sure the posting is to a “supposed” less-volatile and people friendly state, finishes service, the search for a life partner and the prayers that go with it, the prayers finally comes through and… back to the same cycle the parents went through.


In all of the analysis, can you think of an area all the way from childhood to adulthood, the child had it 100%? Just when you think gaining admission will be the ultimate, decision making comes in. As for the parents, they are constantly on their toes for the child. Even when the child is an adult, they’ll still want to be concerned, even to their grandchildren.

Ever wondered if Bill Gates, at some point in his life heaved a deep breath of relief and said “This is it, I’ve finally made the amount of money I’ve always wanted, so I can take a chill pill”. I’m sure your answer is good as mine. The moment you think you’ve hit that record; it’s only a matter of time and that record will be broken.

In life we all have great aspirations and for some funny reasons, as we advance in life the stakes are higher. At some point we were hoping for a 2 bedroom apartment and the next thing you’re contemplating a 7 bedroom duplex or a twin duplex. That’s life and please don’t ask me why.

In all of this I noticed something. There’s a tendency to get lost in our ambitions that we see life pass before our eyes and it happens so fast. We are so engrossed with having “a check on our bullet point plans” that we forget to be thankful for what we have.

Look at the couple who just got married, people are already expecting a child; from the first day she was pronounced Mrs… prayers started ascending as well as the physical work. Am I saying it’s not a good thing to pray for children? NO. Rather we should cultivate a thankful habit. For every step or progress we make, let’s thank the ONE who made it possible “Ekene Dike na nke omere, omekwa ozo” (If you thank God for what He has done, He’ll do another one). I think we forget so soon and it shows in how much trust we have in Him.

I remember something a relative said a long time ago. He was worried; he was always travelling because of his job and had to leave his wife and kids alone at home. One day he was praying and worried at the same time for their safety; he heard in his spirit “Do you think you’re the one who protects them even when you’re around”.

God is constantly watching over us. Please don’t go kill yourself all in the name of achieving a 100% success rate in life and miss out on life. Think big but at the same time be thankful for the little things you achieve. It’s a step at a time.

Will you ever get to your ten over ten mark in life? I don’t know, but one thing I know for sure “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He’ll give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37 vs 4 AMP.



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9 Responses to Ten Over Ten

  1. Eziaha says:

    Was it you?
    Oh no twas dumebi my love who gave me d scripture u ended with.
    Amazing!!! Just leave it to God.
    And live thankFULL

  2. chijioke. SAMZORO says:

    Jmad you always hit every human point at every of ur post…….been following every post and its been an exceptional xperience, keep it up…..loads of love.

  3. wordsmitch says:

    You hit the nail right on the head!!!
    Most of us are too busy trying to achieve it all, & we miss out on actually living; is money, power and influence your yardstick in which we measure life?? If your answer is YES, it shouldn’t be thus and its never too late to start living.

    & over to you @Jiokemad, keep being a blessing to us (me & the rest of the world); I hope to find my voice too, even as I rummage through ur blog

    • JMAD says:

      My editor. Thanks. You need to look deep within yourself, that voice is there and you have no idea the extent it’ll be heard. Many people are waiting to hear it. Don’t look for it for too long.

  4. Sadly, I think this more of a Nigerian (African thing), the prevalent poverty and our obsession with money (and material things)….2 examples.

    1. A friend of mine who did his first degree and masters in Russia said to me “I only think about how much money I have or don’t have when I come to Nigeria”
    2. My business partner met a couple in Abuja once who came from the UK and decided to drive around Africa. Why? He just lost his job and thought if he didnt do it now…he would never get the chance to see the world again. What would we do? Go to church and pray for a job till God gices us one.

    10/10? We already have it. We have all we need pertaining to life and godliness. We just want what someone else has

  5. JMAD says:

    I heard a sermon a while ago on the “The big is in the small”. The quest for life of the rich and famous has consumed us a nation.
    Am I sensing someone taking a stand soon on the pulpit? lol
    Thanks for your thoughts.

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