A Piece of Me…


Something happened in my local church on Sunday. It wasn’t extra-ordinary, though simple but very profound. Instead of the sermon we get to hear, the pastor called for testimonies. We’ll be celebrating 20 years of existence in Family Worship Centre. This was an opportunity for members to talk of the impact of the church on their lives. At the end of the awesome testimonies, an altar call was made and lots of people came out. These are people who didn’t hear a single sermon preached or a Bible verse read, but the stories of people convicted their hearts and inspired a change. We are getting to the stage where people are growing tired of sermons and all they need to hear is a word from someone they can relate to.

I’ll make an attempt at sharing a piece of my story with you and it has a lot to do with what I’ve had to learn in the lives of people in church and the Words that came from the pulpit. I won’t bore you with the whole details in camp but it’s partly related to the story I’ll share.

I was posted to one of the Parastatals and that’s an entire story on its own. I was posted to the procurement department and I was furious. My sole aim was to be in the Information Technology (I.T.) department, never really done anything on procurement and what was a Metallurgical Engineer doing there. I literally fell out with the Human Resources (H.R.) staff, but at the end I stayed back in the department. How would I’ve known, months after my passing out from National Youth Service Corps (N.Y.S.C.), my experience with the procurement department was the platform used for my employment?

Now here’s the interesting part, after service I tried getting a job with a few places and got some silly replies, for instance I needed a reference from someone in the House of Representatives, on another occasion I was asked to change my state all in the name of quota system.  I did a volunteer job for a conference and got a reference by someone there and that’s how I got a job, funny thing, we ain’t related in anyway. God does work in amazing ways. Are you trusting Him for something, hang in and don’t lose hope.


I’ve been under the Potter’s wheel lately. In moulding clay there’s the stirring, mixing, pugging (coarse materials), flattening between slab rollers to give a uniform thickness then finally cut into tiny pieces to be hard formed. I’ve experienced some of these processes. Some of it hurt, but just like the natural clay, it doesn’t look attractive in its natural state, but at the end beautiful products are gotten.

I used to be particular on the way things were done, if it wasn’t done my way it had to be wrong. If you had to cut vegies, it had to be done on a tray with a bowl, had a cousin who did it other way round and it was a battle for me (Yea I can see you roll your eyes). The bed sheet had to be wrinkle free if I must sleep on it, I remember waking my cousin up just to straighten the bed sheet *smh. I always wanted to win an argument. This is just a tip of the iceberg.

God kept on watching while I displayed my supposed “Perfect Life Style”. All these and many more came crashing with a series of experiences. I got a boss who was/is still very detailed and I flunked so many times on my work. He would always correct me and I’ll still make a mistake again. My foolishness stirred me in the face and kept on saying to me “you are not all that”. This experience humbled me and made me realise I needed to give room for people’s flaws. Just because “I’ve figured it out” doesn’t mean everyone has. Thankfully I’ve improved a whole lot on my work (Can someone shout halleluiah).

I was a “Miss Right” but I learnt from Pastor Sarah on communication skills, when you want to correct someone apply the sandwich approach: A little praise, point out the problem and another form of praise. For every time I won an argument with my partner, I gradually lost a part of them. I’ve been taught humility and the ability to apologise, not because I’m wrong but for the sake of peace.

I won’t say I’m there yet, but I’ve moved some long distance from where I used to be. What’s your story? Someone out there needs to hear it. Share it today and watch it transform lives.

Loads of Love


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6 Responses to A Piece of Me…

  1. Eziaha says:

    I’ll share mine soon
    If I haven’t said it all on my blog already

  2. wordsmitch says:

    i wouldnt say exactly that u shared an inspiring story, to say the least….but u sure did point out few food for thoughts.

    i like the bit about the porter’s wheel, it goes a long way to show us that there’s a destination we are yet to get to & cant exactly discern with our mind’s eye…only God knows the plans He has for your life, and we just have to trust him & be diligent in our service to Him.

    not like im trying to rebuff you, but who doesnt like to win arguments? it takes maturity, spiritual and otherwise to know that alot can be learnt in silence, and conceding a few times.

    nice piece,
    you got me thinking and writing a reply almost as long as ur post.

  3. wordsmitch says:

    your point exactly?

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