The Lounge


It should have been one of those beautiful days but this particular day had no trace of beauty, rather sadness. I had been crying in the waiting lounge. You get to a point where the tears just flow uncontrollably, your mascara ceases to exist, and your perfect make-up becomes irrelevant. You really don’t care if anyone sees the tears rolling down your face. For now, that’s the only word you know how to express.

My very good friend, who had been complaining of some abdominal pain, suddenly makes up her mind after I had shoved it aside months ago with the reason that it could be an indication of aucer  because she doesn’t like food and as a “ know it all” I prescribed food for her. A simple visit turns into an emergency surgery: she had a burst appendix. Now see where I landed her.

You now understand why I couldn’t make any other sound apart from crying. I felt guilty and with each nurse that came out (meanwhile why do nurses like to run a lot in the hospital), I stood up to get answers to the questions throbbing in my heart. The enemy has a way of using situations to his benefit. He starts to bring up fear and so many “What ifs”. The battle was going on in my head but the only victory I could perceive, was dependent on the answer the nurses gave me. For some funny reason, none of them gave me any reply.

Does this describe you? You are in that waiting lounge. You’ve written a particular exam more than twice and you are waiting for the result of the third attempt. You’ve done all the necessary test, interview and waiting for that phone call. You have more “Maid of honour gowns” in your wardrobe than your regular gowns, because almost all your friends are married and the ones who haven’t tied the knots already have a ring on their middle finger. You’ve just left the hospital and the pains from the IVF operation are still fresh but that’s the least of your worries, all you want to hear is a positive answer from the doctor on your next appointment. It was supposed to be a memorable outing, a drink here and there one thing led to another and you ended up in bed together, you’re trying to wrap your head around it in the morning, all the warning Momma told you comes in ten fingers pointing at you: you’re just 19, fresh in school. You just presented that proposal and you are asked to wait outside for deliberations and this is it for you, the outcome will either make or mar you.

The list goes on and on. Maybe your story was mentioned or yours was left out but we all get to that waiting period in our lives. I’ve a few words for you if you’re currently in that lounge and if you’re not there yet, don’t think this has nothing to do with you. A simple advice, winners prepare for the battle before the day, there’s no immunity clause for anyone on this one.

  • Someone has gone through that phase before. It’s not peculiar to only you. Don’t think your case is the worst. It could have been worse. Someone passed through it and came out victoriously.
  • Don’t start a blame game. You don’t have to punish yourself. Yea granted, it may have been a mistake you made that’s kept you in that situation. It doesn’t mean you should crucify yourself rather look out for what you can learn from the waiting room. You can go through an earlier post  . We have been promised “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you….. when you through the fire, you will not be burned”  Isaiah 43 vs 2 AMP.
  • It’s not a time to give up on life. That’s just what the enemy wants, and don’t give him room to rejoice. Just like Job, you’re a bet to see if you’ll curse God but remember in all things give thanks to God. It may not make sense why others are chosen above you in job interviews with your first class and impressive interview. Stay positive.
  • I want you to know that this too, shall pass. The test you’re in now is a testimony down the road. Many lives are dependent on your success story in the waiting lounge. Yea I can hear you say, why does it have to be you, why can’t it be the other way? Sorry love, God knows our individual capabilities, He knows you’re up to the task, you may not know your inherent strength but it’s exposed in times like this. Everything may not make sense now but you are in the Potter’s hands and He’s molding you into the right form, it may hurt but you’ll come out a masterpiece.

Uzoma chiemezie

I’ll end with the words of Marvin Sapp in the song “He has His hands on you

He sees the tears you cry

He shares your pain inside

And sometimes you wonder why He allows you to go through what you go through

Just know He has His hands on you.

Loads of Love


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6 Responses to The Lounge

  1. kite says:

    such a great piece CJ thank u for this and God bless…. keep sharing your inspiration!!!

  2. bethelli says:

    Chiji u jst hav a way …. 2snd me 2place I … n den bring me bak 2d HARD REALITIES of d world n GLAD POSSIBILITIES of d WORD I trully wsh I cud share my xperiences as deyv bin reflectd here bur its so ignoble … Tanks 4dis write up I glad u shard It gav me a smile 2day I cnt xplain it (But I knw Jesus cares n He has his lovin attention on my case … our cases)

  3. JMAD says:

    Thanks bethel. I needed to hear this too. I’m glad I put a smile on your face. Thanks to what technology can do, irrespective of distance and location we can still affect lives. Yea He does care a lot.

  4. frances says:

    Awwww! This was just for me! Just so right and I know I will come out a masterpiece!

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