With Love……….


For some funny reason I’ve been happy and I thought it was just me been happy, but I realised it’s connected to someone (Yea I can hear you whisper, who’s the person). Just hang on a little and enjoy the ride, while I take you on a tour.
Have you ever met this person and somehow you two become “friends” but……….. There’s just this thing about the person, in fact many people are wondering how you two can be friends (Just like how people wondered why Jesus dined with sinners) *you gate it * in Chigurl’s voice. Two of you are like parallel lines, sometimes you ask yourself how you’re holding onto the person.

Someone shared a story of a family who had only a set of twin girls: one had Down syndrome and the other was so withdrawn and performed poorly in school. The guy was brought in as a lesson teacher. He kind of gave up after the first day with her because she wasn’t responsive in anyway but he got an idea when he got home and he applied it the next day. He started telling her nice things about herself; how beautiful she was. Nothing really happened but he continued everyday by praising her and she started loosening up. Her improvement became evident at home and in school.

I met someone some years back, kinda lost touch and re-united this year again, thanks to twitter. His account had 30,000 + followers, and I’m like interesting. I followed him but after a few days I couldn’t stand his timeline. It was filled with explicit tweets and all the relatives. I quickly unfollowed him but you know when God chooses to do something; no matter who the person is, He just does it. Just like T.D. Jakes titled one of his sermons “Don’t tell God what you’ve heard” (This had to do with Ananias’ assignment to anoint Paul after his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus).

I found myself following him again, sure you might have come across him if you’re active on twitter: TWEET ORACLE. While most of his followers were enjoying his all-time high moments he sent them with his explicit tweets, I was seeing another side of him. Now I realise it was God. I’ll always start up a conversation with him on BB. Initially he was evasive when I brought up certain issues especially when it had to do lifestyle and God because I knew he was set apart for something more, just like my cutie Preacher Lily said “The devil is not really after you, rather your purpose”.
Although we had divergent views on almost everything in life, maybe the only things we had any similarity in was the use of BB and twitter but I kept on telling him there’s another side to him. Every second I had with him, I always found a way to let God speak to him through me. I don’t know how it happened but he started loosening up. His timeline didn’t change but I was hopeful.

I stayed on it and he started to yield not in any way to me. Truth is, he doesn’t owe me his life, and could live it anyhow he so desires but I could see the path he took was coming to an end. Recently his TL changed and he started to put inspirational tweets. Some of his followers said he became boring while others appreciated the change. Here’s one lesson, if you decide to dance to the tune of people, more like live the supposed “popular” life, you’ll have lots of friends but when the music is over and you’re all alone, you get to realise who your friends are.

My dear friend, this is from my heart to you, let go and let God have His way. You have no idea, what’s inside of you and the effect it’ll have not just in Nigeria but the world at large. God loves you so much and He’s been waiting patiently just like the prodigal son and his father. Don’t try to figure out how your life will turn out. Some people may not welcome the change but at the same time so many people will find their way back to Jesus. You can take a cue from Paul, many years down the road his life is still ministering to us. Are you scared you might lose some endorsements? One thing I know for sure, anyone God calls, He equips. You may have thought you were living on the fast lane but there’s a greater life out there.

Now to you reading, is there someone you’ve written off. Don’t be hasty. God’s plan is for everyone to come to repentance. The power of life and death are in your mouth. Don’t kill anyone with it rather speak life into the person’s life. It may not look as if there’s any change but continue to strike that rock and a little crack will cause the dis-integration. Are you a parent? Speak kind words and blessings over your children. Are you married or in a relationship? Speak kind words and blessings over your partner. Speak into existence what you want to see in their lives just like Our Heavenly Father does.

Loads of Love


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4 Responses to With Love……….

  1. JMAD says:

    FUTO OR RGU? Awwww anyway he’s somewhat different now. At least I can testify to it. We just never know someone or what they are capable of doing from a distance.

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