Tomorrow may never come.

He was on her laps all day while she stroked his hair; he got lost in the cozy atmosphere. That was the position he took and he kind of got used to it, forgetting you can’t take coals in your laps and not get burned.” She said, The Philistines are upon you, Samson! And he awoke out of his sleep and said, I will go out as I have time after time and shake myself free. For Samson did not know that the Lord had departed from him” Judges 16 vs 20 AMV

This is a scene shot between 1050BC – 1000BC; I’ll give you two contemporary scenes shot in 2013AD. I’m sure you can relate to it.


For some funny reason I’ve been experiencing some favour while travelling. On two occasions, I got to the airport 10 – 20 minutes before boarding and a little smile got me a seat. Well I tried that this year, got to the airport at about 9.10 a.m. for a 9.30 a.m. flight and got the shock of my life; The counter had been closed for boarding. Did I mention people were still boarding? You know it’s easier to take the news if the plane had taken off but to see it right in front of you, Oh Dear! I turned to a professional beggar, brought all my smiling tactics to the table, you know how ladies can instantly transform their faces to that of a baby, I did all that and it didn’t work on the guy. I needed to report to the office that day and that was the only flight available. By now you already know I missed the flight.

How can this smile be resisted? lol


I serve in the Youth Church and we’ve an intercessory prayer every Sunday from 6.30 – 6.45 a.m. and it’s compulsory. I’ve never made it to church by 6.30 but I usually get there by 6.40 a.m. and I start to run like someone practising for the next Olympics (Even on my heels). Thankfully I always get there a few minutes before 6.45 a.m. Well I kind of got used to that and it was working for me, until last Sunday I did the same routine and by the time I got there the prayers had ended and this is the love talk I got from my asst. co-ordinator “Chijioke, you know I love you, but you can’t serve today, every other person that was sent home last week was truly sorry too”. You don’t want to know how I felt.

In the scenes above, you’ll notice something. I had been doing the same things over and over again and it had been working but it didn’t make it right. You may just be like me but the difference is, your rope may be shorter and the consequences may be worse than mine. For as much as I took another flight the next day and I’ve another opportunity to get to church early, you may not have the same experience. Yours could just be the last opportunity and there won’t be time to change. Samson thought it was same ole same ole and we know what happened to him. Have we taken the Grace we’ve for granted?

We can relate this to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. He shall come like a “thief in the night”. This simply means at a time you’re not expecting Him. We may never know the exact time the thief will break into our home but we can secure our homes, same applies to our walk here on earth. We shouldn’t just get used to Mercy and Grace; therefore choose to live our lives anyhow.


I may never know what you’ve been doing and getting away with but there’s an All Seeing God who knows it all and He’s asking you, how long will you continue? Take out time today, do a self-evaluation, and like I always say have a “Me” time. Be honest with yourself, come to think of it, you’ve lived a lie to the whole world; the least you owe yourself is the truth. Today if you read this post do not harden your heart. Tomorrow may just be too late.


If you need to drop some habits, then go ahead and get rid of it. If you need to let go of your old way of life, then we could say this prayer together.

“Dear Lord I thank You for today. I’ve finally realised I’ve been on the wrong path and I’m sorry for shutting You out of my life all this while. I receive forgiveness through the Blood of Jesus. I am new in You and my life is meaningful. I thank You for Your Dear Son Jesus Christ and the price He paid on the cross for me”.

Enjoy your new life and build yourself up through the studying of the Word and join a good Bible – based church. See you on the other side.

Loads of Love.



An experience from The Ladies


The rest room has been attributed to mean different things; it’s no longer just for convenience. To the ladies, it’s a sort of studio to take pictures, to song writers; a place where ideas for lyrics are penned down. The rest room just got another job description, from my experience.

It was another Friday, and I had to be in church, but something happened over lunch in the office. I got into some form of uproar, with a colleague who wanted to take some of the replenished items home. You might be wondering what it was; Beverages. It’s amazing how people put on the cloak of poverty without knowing it. She was of the opinion, that the beverages belonged to no one in particular, besides it was bought for the staff and she’s a staff; hence, she might as well take some home. All I tried to say to her, fell on deaf ears and she ended up calling me “miss goody two shoes”, saying we are in Naija, and everyone is doing it; her taking a few tins of beverages wouldn’t really change a thing. I knew my conversation with her, was heading towards a brick wall and just like the Holy Book says, “Do not argue with a fool, a passer-by may not be able to tell who the fool is”. I simply let her be.

That kind of affected the rest of my day and I was looking forward to 5.30 p.m., to head off to church. I went through all the security checks and got a seat. Just as I was settling in, a tall dark and handsome guy walked in and sat by my side. I literally had to pinch myself to concentrate during the service. As if the pastor knew, he would say turn to your neighbour and say “God loves you and so do I; I won’t harm you with the words of my mouth”. We got to praise and worship and the lead singer goes; turn to your neighbour and… (I’m like can this neighbour thing just stop already).

Mid-way into the praise and worship my stomach started acting funny. I thought I could apply some words of faith “Be still”, but for every time I spoke to it, the ache increased. I knew the only message it could respond to, was the rest room. I quickly made an exit.


When I was done the unimaginable happened. The water closet was faulty and couldn’t flush.  I was so confused, suddenly the light was taken. A voice starts to yell in my head “Quietly leave, no one will know, besides there’s no light” on the other hand a still small voice whispers to me “Do the right thing”.

I also remembered “Your true character shows up when no one’s looking”.

I had a flashback of the incident with my colleague. I made up my mind to do what was right, whatever it took.  I summoned up courage and opened up the door, looked around for some form of help and hidden under the dressing table was my knight in shining armour in form of a bucket. I got water from the sink, although it was a slow process, but with every scoop, I could see God smiling down at me.

I learnt from that experience, we’ve all been given a freedom of choice. What we do with it, is entirely up to us. We are not defined by what we tell people rather what we do when no one is looking. A sixty seconds decision can make so much difference.

They should be jailed, in fact stoned to death.


I was with a friend and a song came up on the radio and there was this glow in my eyes; the song is so dear to my heart and somehow we deviated to the artiste who did the song. Incidentally he was gay, my friend made a statement that gave birth to this post and I quote him “When I found out he was gay, I stopped liking him”.

Yea I can see all my “zealous faithful Christians” nodding their heads in agreement to his remarks. I watched the session on the Anti-gay bill by the House of Representatives, which eventually resulted in a 14 year jail term. I’m pretty sure, if the hearts of some people were revealed, we would have heard a death sentence by stoning.

I recently asked a friend and I ask you the same question “If you found out I was gay, would you change the way you feel about me”? Over the years there has been a whole lot of debate on the issue of homosexuality. From the Church to the street, there has been protest on the issue. You’ll be wondering where I’m headed with all these talk? Strap your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

Here’s my take on it. Homosexuality is WRONG. (Someone just heaved a sigh of relief, saying thank God she’s not gay) but don’t get too excited. The same way it’s wrong is the same way adultery, fornication or any other form of sexual sin is wrong. I’ve heard people say they prefer lesbians to homosexuals *smh.

How come there’s no jail term for other sexual sins. I don’t know of other religions but I can speak of Christianity. The only way we know a thing is wrong is through information. We all got the information that homosexuality is wrong from the Bible but I’m seriously wondering why there’s no national debate on the others. Is this a case of lesser evil???

Am I in support of the ordination of a gay priest or bishop? NO. The same way I won’t support someone who’s involved in adultery to lead a church. We live in times where we practise selective reading. We want to go to a church where the pastor will tell us only what we want to hear while some areas in our lives have the sign Out of Bounds. Once that area is touched we change churches.

Out of bounds

Who made us judges over homosexuals? If we want to wear those shoes, then we’ve got to go the whole nine yards. We need to speak up against any form of sexual sin. Until we start doing that, we’ll remain HYPOCRITES. This reminds me of an opinion by a Pastor  on the woman with the Alabaster box. The woman passed all the men that dined with Jesus, they all murmured Sinner Woman under their breath but couldn’t restrain her, it may be some of them there had patronised her in the past.

We scream Stone her! Stone her!! Stone her!!! In the morning for adultery; in the night we get lost in passion with someone who’s not our spouse, and we tag it a cute name, having fun or an affair. “Shun immorality and all sexual looseness. Any other sin a man commits is outside the body but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body. Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who lives within you… so then, honour God and bring glory to Him in your body”. 1 Cor. 6 vs 18 – 20 AMP.

Hatred won’t change anyone. On the contrary show Love. It’s been said it’s only in the church, a wounded soldier is sent out. I’ll end with the lyrics of Jesus Friend of Sinner by Casting Crowns.

Jesus, friend of sinners

We have strayed so far away

We cut down people in your name

But the sword was never ours to swing

Jesus, friend of sinners

The truth’s become so hard to see

The world is on their way to You

But they’re tripping over me

Always looking around but never looking up

I’m so double minded

A plank eyed saint with dirty hands

And a heart divided

Oh Jesus, friend of sinners

Open our eyes to world

At the end of our pointing fingers

Let our hearts be led by mercy

Help us reach with open hearts

And open doors

Oh Jesus, friend of sinners

Break our hearts for what breaks Yours,



Ten Over Ten

Ten over ten

There’s this lady who seems to have it all together. She’s got this coke bottle body, sun tanned skin, hazel eyes, legs like a gazelle. Graduated top of her class, got this awesome 6 figure job, an amazing husband …

Hey!!! Come back home. I can just imagine what’s going through your imaginative mind (Some of the guys are silently praying to meet someone like her, and some of the ladies are rolling their eyes). If I knew her I would have introduced her to you but sorry dear she’s virtual now although I hope to meet her someday.

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the song “Ten over ten” by Naeto C. One question that comes to my mind and I’ll love to share it with you “Does anyone ever get Ten over Ten in life”? Let me paint a picture and I’ll indulge you to join me with every dotted line that forms the entire picture.

A couple just gets married, they start praying for a child, the child comes, goes through school. Gains admission into the university and the parents are worried if the child will make right decisions (the mother secretly wakes up at night to pray), finally graduates, goes for N.Y.S.C. which happens with the parents running around to make sure the posting is to a “supposed” less-volatile and people friendly state, finishes service, the search for a life partner and the prayers that go with it, the prayers finally comes through and… back to the same cycle the parents went through.


In all of the analysis, can you think of an area all the way from childhood to adulthood, the child had it 100%? Just when you think gaining admission will be the ultimate, decision making comes in. As for the parents, they are constantly on their toes for the child. Even when the child is an adult, they’ll still want to be concerned, even to their grandchildren.

Ever wondered if Bill Gates, at some point in his life heaved a deep breath of relief and said “This is it, I’ve finally made the amount of money I’ve always wanted, so I can take a chill pill”. I’m sure your answer is good as mine. The moment you think you’ve hit that record; it’s only a matter of time and that record will be broken.

In life we all have great aspirations and for some funny reasons, as we advance in life the stakes are higher. At some point we were hoping for a 2 bedroom apartment and the next thing you’re contemplating a 7 bedroom duplex or a twin duplex. That’s life and please don’t ask me why.

In all of this I noticed something. There’s a tendency to get lost in our ambitions that we see life pass before our eyes and it happens so fast. We are so engrossed with having “a check on our bullet point plans” that we forget to be thankful for what we have.

Look at the couple who just got married, people are already expecting a child; from the first day she was pronounced Mrs… prayers started ascending as well as the physical work. Am I saying it’s not a good thing to pray for children? NO. Rather we should cultivate a thankful habit. For every step or progress we make, let’s thank the ONE who made it possible “Ekene Dike na nke omere, omekwa ozo” (If you thank God for what He has done, He’ll do another one). I think we forget so soon and it shows in how much trust we have in Him.

I remember something a relative said a long time ago. He was worried; he was always travelling because of his job and had to leave his wife and kids alone at home. One day he was praying and worried at the same time for their safety; he heard in his spirit “Do you think you’re the one who protects them even when you’re around”.

God is constantly watching over us. Please don’t go kill yourself all in the name of achieving a 100% success rate in life and miss out on life. Think big but at the same time be thankful for the little things you achieve. It’s a step at a time.

Will you ever get to your ten over ten mark in life? I don’t know, but one thing I know for sure “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He’ll give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37 vs 4 AMP.