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Tomorrow may never come.

He was on her laps all day while she stroked his hair; he got lost in the cozy atmosphere. That was the position he took and he kind of got used to it, forgetting you can’t take coals in your … Continue reading

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An experience from The Ladies

The rest room has been attributed to mean different things; it’s no longer just for convenience. To the ladies, it’s a sort of studio to take pictures, to song writers; a place where ideas for lyrics are penned down. The … Continue reading

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They should be jailed, in fact stoned to death.

I was with a friend and a song came up on the radio and there was this glow in my eyes; the song is so dear to my heart and somehow we deviated to the artiste who did the song. … Continue reading

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Ten Over Ten

There’s this lady who seems to have it all together. She’s got this coke bottle body, sun tanned skin, hazel eyes, legs like a gazelle. Graduated top of her class, got this awesome 6 figure job, an amazing husband … … Continue reading

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