We are going to re-enact a scene frome the movie “Aladdin”. I will be the genie and you are to give me a wish , but that wish is limited to a place you’ll like to visit. Close your eyes and see yourself there , imagine the scenery, beach, historical artefact, architectural design, food, the people. Now you can open your eyes and come back to reality. Since I’m the “supposed” genie I’ll have two destinations. I imagined myself in Zanzibar and Malta.

For a while now I’ve been planning a trip with some friends *takes a deep breath* (I hope we finally conclude on it). In the planning process we thought of means of transportation , accomodation, sites to visit and all but one thing stood out to me. We were more interested in the road trip by bus round the city.


You know, it’s not really about the final destination rather what goes on through the journey.  The highlight is the trip round the city were we get to learn lots of stuff about the country and have fun while at it.


Many years ago SOMEONE had a destination in mind but it was the journey leading to the destination that I want us to look at. Isaiah 53 vs 5 “……….He was beaten so we could be whole, He was whipped so we could be healed.” NLT. Our healing and wholeness was purchased on the road to the cross. One would wonder , why wasn’t Jesus  taken straight to the cross and nailed instead of going through all the humilations and sufferings He went through on the way to Golgotha. We can see some of the answers in the verse above.

We live in times were everyone is on the fast lane a “microwave phase“. We want everything done in nano-seconds. Quick riches, fast cars, fast food. Ever wondered why it takes an egg nine months and some even longer to mature. A friend who wanted to shed some weight said she wished there was a drug she could take to slim down instead of working out, but thank God she’s working out now and I’m sure she’ll achieve her desired goal.

journey 3

We forget our character is moulded on that journey of life. Someone hurts you and you find yourself forgiving not because it’s popular rather the right thing to do – that’s FORGIVENESS , you say no to that finger-licking burger and chips and do some jogging, sit-ups even when you’re tired and beat up -that’s SELF-DISCIPLINE, you had no shoes growing up emmmm *clears throat* that’s a president in the making.

What journey of life are you experiencing? Look at the big picture which is the end but always remember the end is only a reflection of the road we take in life’s journey. See you on the road.

Loads of Love.


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7 Responses to THE JOURNEY

  1. Bethelli says:

    Dearest Chijie tnks 4another yt amaizin write Up It just kips gettin bette And did I mention dis blog luks way 2aweson n professionally managed Indeed life joni has a lot of distractions I feel confident that I will definately become who God intends that I be … cos dis blog exists, I am deeply amaizd @how I become more equipd 2face d unknown 2mrw readin n stayin vigilant 2try it all out God bless U Sometyms I trully wish I cud do mor 2ncorage U wif all these Hmmm n abt dat trip I most recomnd dat U do that soon enuf … I see a very big picture. And sometime it maizes me dat it stated wif alittle a readin n sober reflectin on d plain simple write up of a blog. Dnt wait 4me on d road Chijie, bur pls keep ur rear light ON! Load of love MARANATHA!

    • JMAD says:

      This is an entire post on its own. Thanks for the commendation. Its been God all d way. I wasn’t sure I cld manage a blog but like d sayin goes dnt let the fear of strikin out prevent u frm playin d game. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Avelly says:

    Nyc write up… Am just luvn it,,, d path to d destination take’s d grace of God. Dats all am riding on. Tnx a million for reminding us.

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  4. The end is only a reflection of the road we take in life’s journey…hmmmm. Beautiful and well thought out line. Shall hold on to that. Well done dear!

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