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The Purpose Driven Life

So my charmer Eziaha did this post It involves answering some questions but the catch is to put your music player on shuffle and the answers are the selections made by the music player. I enjoyed it and I … Continue reading

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Local Content

We’ve got an amazing choir in Church. Shout out to FWC choir. Just like a cook marinates meat before cooking, the choir has a way of preparing our hearts and setting it in tune for the move of the Holy … Continue reading

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Do you have CBD?????

Wondering what CBD is? Don’t look too far or go googling it, you’ll find out soon. Just stay with me. A few days ago I needed to do some house shopping, please take note house shopping. Somehow I stopped over … Continue reading

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It was a typical day. Got off to work. Needed some money and had to stop by the bank to use the ATM, inserted my card and punched in all the required digits waiting to hear the sound of the … Continue reading

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