The Purpose Driven Life

So my charmer Eziaha did this post
It involves answering some questions but the catch is to put your music player on shuffle and the answers are the selections made by the music player.
I enjoyed it and I decided to try it out too.

1. If someone says “Is this okay” you say?

Jesus take the wheel by Carrie Underwood (hahahahahahahahah)

2. What would you best describe your personality?

Thinking outside the box by T.D. Jakes (Apt, Unconventional me)

3. What do you like in a guy?

Saved by sacrifice by T.D. Jakes (This will have to do with his relationship with Jesus)

4. How do you feel today?

We are the world 25 by Artist for Haiti (Dnt know what to say)

5. What’s your life purpose?

Hinderances to prayers by Joyce Meyer (Prayers definitely bring my plans to life)

6. What is your motto?

Know by Lami ft M.I. (Apt, I hate to be ignorant. I love to know)

7.  What do your friends think of you?

Acting wisely in the office by Joel Osteen ( Prim and proper, thinking am I there yet)

8. What do you think about very often?

Prospering from inside out by Pst Ina Omakwu (So Apt.)

9. What do you think of your best friend?

Stronger by Mary J. Blige

10. What do you think of the person you like?

The power of the Holy Spirit by Paula White (This should be a future answer)

11. What is your life story?

Without You by Kirk Franklin (Apt. Yes Lord I won’t have made it without You)

12. What do you want to be when you grow up?

911 by Wyclef and Mary J. Blige (Interesting.A rescuer,helper)

13. What do your parents think of you?

Now behold the Lamb by Kirk Franklin (I can’t be, I’m only representing the aim of the cross)

14. Wedding dance song?

Hallelujah by Andre Rieu (This should be the entrance I guess lol)

15.  What do you think when you see the person you like?

Get Real by Pst Sarah Omakwu (So true)

16. Funeral Song

I look to you by Whitney Houston (Awwww Lord my eyes will be gazed upon You and all the wonders in heaven)

17. Hobby?

More by Lawrence Flower & Intercessors (That part of me that wants more improvement)

18. Biggest Secret?

Hurt by Christina Aguilera (This hit the nail on the head but I’m healed of it)

19. What do you think of your friends?

You’re gonna love me by Jennifer Hudson (Yea so true, but you really don’t have any other choice)

20. Worst thing that could happen?

Intimacy by Joyce Meyer (Hmmmmm, guess literally doing the right thing at the wrong time, but the message was about intimacy through personal time spent with God through the Word)

21. Does anyone like you?

The curse is broken by Jame Fortune & Fiya (Does it apply)

22. What makes you laugh?

All to Jesus by The Drifters

23. Go back in time, what would you change?

Bless the Lord by Tye Tribbet

24. Why will you get married?

Where you at by Jennifer Hudson (This cracked me up)

25. What will you name this post?

The purpose driven life by Pst Wale Afelumo (This sums up our work on earth)

That’s the end. You can try it out.

Loads of Love.



Local Content

cropped-river-niger1.jpgWe’ve got an amazing choir in Church. Shout out to FWC choir. Just like a cook marinates meat before cooking, the choir has a way of preparing our hearts and setting it in tune for the move of the Holy Spirit. Most of the songs in my collection were gotten from listening to them.
On one of those Sundays, a particular song was sang, you know that song that has been set to repeat in your heart, you just find yourself singing it on your way home, kitchen and even in the bathroom.
Anyway I went ahead to download the song, since I didn’t know the name of the Artiste I simply typed the keyword of the song and two names popped up on the screen with the same song title. One was a Nigerian and the other an African American.
I didn’t have to think twice, it had to be the African American and I clicked on play, and I heard something different and decided to listen to what the Nigerian had to offer and VOILA!!! that was the exact song I was looking for. I felt really ashamed and I’ve chosen not to mention the name, because there are lots of faithful who will crucify me. I apologize to you for not believing in your Star. I don’t have to tell you the person, but I know you are a fan and since we are all nice people I believe I’ve been forgiven.
This brings me to the topic LOCAL CONTENT. How often have you found yourself in a similar situation? You go to the market, any you’re given one product with two different manufacturers, one local and the other foreign. Nine out of ten people go for the foreign product.
What went wrong? We’ve lost confidence in ourselves as a nation. Foreigners have come and taken over the things we neglected. Take a look at Shea Butter, that’s a good body regimen. It’s exported, then it gets imported and sold to us. We only fall back to our Natural Resources when we see it’s thriving outside. The only true limitation we will experience as a nation, is that which we have placed on ourselves.
We need to go back to the drawing board. The Government can’t give us everything. You want to make profit, you use sub-standard products that are cheaper for manufacturing, it’s sold, develops an electrical fault resulting to fire outbreak in the home, property worth of millions are lost, not to mention original certificates lost at the same time. Now you see, for as much as some chap out there made some “supposed” profit he has succeeded in passing a message of no confidence that’ll be passed onto generations .
We blame the Government for everything, someone trips on the road because of a small stone and the next thing, abuses are rained on the Government. Can we just stop? Granted they’ve not lived up to expectations, but the question now is, how have you contributed in placing a bad tag on our country through your attitude, line of business and all.
Let’s make a commitment to start regaining lost confidence in our country in our little sphere of influence. The land is green and fruitful.
Loads of Love

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Do you have CBD?????


Wondering what CBD is? Don’t look too far or go googling it, you’ll find out soon. Just stay with me. A few days ago I needed to do some house shopping, please take note house shopping. Somehow I stopped over at a shop to look around. The shop didn’t have fresh tomatoes or “oha”. It had shoes and not just some random shoes or the one a friend refers to as the type used in jumping “molue” buses. I’m talking of drop-dead, gorgeous, beautifullllllllllll shoes. The guy was glad to see me , and he set out to bring out the kind of shoes I liked and I tried them on. I wish I took a picture of the shoes on my feet *deep breath*. I picked three and after much debate on the price we came to a conclusion. Funny thing was, I didn’t have the physical cash on me, but just like how objects are drawn to a point by the “Bermuda Triangle” , I could literally see an ATM machine drawing me close and guess what……………………………………………. You’ll find out later *tongue out*.
Now to the question, CBD simply means Compulsive Buying Disorder. It involves and not limited to people who spend beyond their means, it also includes people who spend an inordinate amount of time shopping or who chronically think about buying things but never purchase them.


A quick survey will reveal the female gender is more affected by this plague. Hey guys, don’t think you’re exempted. How many of us in all honesty have gone shopping and after picking out those lovely items, got home and felt miserable for buying it. Or a look into your wardrobe, you find clothes and shoes with their tags staging their own “occupy wardrobe” for more than six months. There are reasons we are plagued with this disorder. Look through and know where you fall.
– You buy because you need it.
– You buy because you want it.
– You buy it because it’s cool (Rave of the moment).
– You buy as a substitute for depression.
– You buy because you saw it in a fashion magazine or on a celebrity.
A lady said she loves to shop because it’s a form of therapy when she’s depressed.
You know, it isn’t really about now rather the effect down the road. If you can’t say no now to those voices screaming in your head buy, buy and buy (in fact your name has become “BUY“), you won’t be able to say no to your child when you go shopping together and the child wants to pick everything in the kiddies section because truth be told you can’t give out what you are not. Granted we all want to look good, and like the saying goes “looking good is serious business”.


We want the clothes, shoes, human hair, jewellery and lots more. I like them too but we can never have enough of them, so why have sleepless nights over the one you just saw displayed. My dear by the next morning, a new and perhaps better one is displayed.
Luke 12 vs 15 “ And He said to them, guard yourself and keep from all covetousness (the immoderate desire wealth, the greedy longing to have more) for a man’s life does not consist in and is not derived from possessing overflowing abundance or that which is over and above his needs” AMP.
A whole lot comes with compulsive buying. In most cases you run into debt and a lack of self-control too. Living on debts is a no no. Why eat up your future for temporal satisfaction?
Now to the question, if I succumbed to the pressure to buy? I resisted it but trust me it wasn’t an easy decision. I kept on going back and forth with how amazing the shoes will look on me and if you know me well, the taste for good looking shoes runs in the family (thanks to my mum). You’ll be wondering how I refrained from buying those shoes. I remember going out with my mum and faced with a similar situation with lovely clothes and shoes displayed and in a quest to pick many she’ll always say “iheoma anaghi agwu-agwu” meaning good things never finish. Somehow that has been my guide. Am I saying I’ve said NO all the time? Definitely NO but I’m glad I’m not where I used to be.
We are going do an exercise. Go to your wardrobe and select the clothes and shoes you haven’t used in the past One year and give them out. Next write down what you REALLY NEED. This will be a sort of guide in your next shopping. If you still see yourself drawn to compulsive buying, put sticker notes on your dressing table or anywhere conspicuous with the inscription “I’m not a compulsive buyer, I have the ability to say No and I can do without that item
Above all look to the Holy Spirit to help you with Self – Control . He doesn’t deny us when we come to Him in sincerity. I’m certain you are on your way to self-improvement. See you at the shop top.
Loads of Love.



It was a typical day. Got off to work. Needed some money and had to stop by the bank to use the ATM, inserted my card and punched in all the required digits waiting to hear the sound of the notes rolling out, only to be greeted with “Sorry machine unable to dispense cash“. * red face with two horns” . You know that feeling when you just used the last money in your wallet to get to the ATM *smh .

Anyway fortunately for me it was my bank so I had to go to the banking hall. DEAR LORD!!! you can’t imagine the queue. Since I had no choice, I joined the queue. Needed to get busy with something to divert my attention from the anger welling up on my inside. So I started tweeting and got lost in it. Suddenly there was a change in the atmosphere. I could feel his presence around me and it was so intense. I had to look up from my phone to spot him and he was nowhere in sight but I could swear he just entered the banking hall. Then it hit me, Reaction by Kenneth Cole. Someone was wearing the cologne and I thought he was the person.

The woman with the Alabaster box broke it at Jesus’ feet and the whole atmosphere changed, even when she was gone the fragrance lingered on. Acts 4 vs 13 “Now when they saw the boldness and unfettered eloquence of Peter & John and perceived that they were unlearned and untrained in the school, they marveled; and they recognised they had been with Jesus” AMP .

Now I ask what fragrance do you exude. When your name pops up in someone’s head, what comes to their mind? When someone meets you, can they tell you’ve ever been with Jesus without you mentioning the bible or church? Do you exude a sweet smelling fragrance or a pungent smell like ammonia? One thing we fail to realise, our fragrance stays back when we are gone. The other day I passed by a refuse dump and the smell was out of this world, although I had left the area I could still perceive it.

I won’t go through the pains of bringing up our “supposed” hidden character (because the list won’t get exhausted). I’ll let you do the soul searching. No one knows you better than you. Take a seat and have a “me-time”, just you and yourself alone and talk. Be honest too. Get a pen and paper, analyse yourself and score yourself. Isn’t it just awesome to set the exam by yourself, write it and still mark it . NICE !!!

We are the SALT of the earth, if we lose our taste what will become of the world? We bring light to a dark place, we change the atmosphere with our presence. Question is, what’s the impact of that change? Is it in a positive or negative direction?

Are there areas in your life, you know deep down emits a foul smell, then start working on it. On the contrary people long to have your sweet smelling fragrance all over them, keep at it while you inspire people to be like you.

Loads of Love