imagesCA7D3NJULet’s go back in time, way back into time when we lived in a fairy world as children. We simply thought of what we wanted to be in future and played out that role either at home or in school. Most of us stayed with that thought and looking back now we are living out those roles we played.There’s something I’ve observed under the sun and I’m sure you can relate to it. We get so caught up with achieving goals we’ve set out that every other thing ceases to exist. One would think when we get to the peak of our achievements we can boldly beat our chest with a sigh of relief, but there’s a hidden truth we don’t always want to admit. It’s a sudden feeling of emptiness.
A young man some time ago had awesome plans for the future and the path he chose was to obey the entire commandments and guess what he did just that. Can we take a minute to give him a standing ovation he deserves an Oscar.Standing Ovation His next plan should have been unto the next one but there was a hunger inside of him that all the accolades couldn’t satisfy. You know when you get to that point of hunger where nothing anyone says or does seem to make sense anymore. It will drive you to do anything and I mean anything if a restrain isn’t applied. Prov. 6 vs 30 “Men do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy himself when he is hungry, but if he’s found out he must restore seven times what he stole…….” AMP (May we not get to that stage oh).

This young man had to look for answers and met Jesus and this was the conversation.Matthew 19 vs 19 – 20 “Honour your father and mother, love your neighbour asyourself………  I’VE DONE ALL THAT WHAT’S LEFT. imagesCAVSTQOK
Can you relate to this story or do you know anyone who was portrayed in this story? This isn’t written to dissuade you from achieving great heights. What’s your aim for setting out such goals? Are you thinking getting a PhD. will make people respect and give you some form of self-worth, getting that new car to screech pass your supposed proud neighbour and get some little dust in their eyes, growing up you had mean relatives and now you want to make so much money to put them in their rightful positions or perhaps like the woman at the well who maybe, was starved of love from her father as a child and thought she could get it from her spouse and ended up with five different husbands and was still unsatisfied. You see the list could go on and on and truth be told we are missing out on one thing. None of these things can truly satisfy. Solomon in all his wisdom and wealth referred to all his achievements as vanity, chasing after the wind. He summed it up in Ecc 3 vs 11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He also has planted eternity in men’s heart and minds (a divinely implanted sense of a purpose…….which nothing under the sun but God alone can satisfy) …..” AMP.
Until we get to the point of living out our intended purpose on earth we’ll all end up living the “supposed” life but when we go to bed at night we feel a deep sense of emptiness. We can even become committed church workers and still feel empty so don’t think you the church lady or guy is exempted, nah we are all in this together.imagesCA576NJ9

God wants us to live victorious lives on earth. He has awesome plans for us already set out before we were knit in our mother’s womb. Are we willing to let go of trying to fix our lives on our own and let the Ultimate Potter give shape to the clay.
Quit struggling and let God have His way. Don’t put Jesus in your schedule, make Him top priority and He’ll direct the rest of your journey. See you all at the top.

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5 Responses to I’VE DONE ALL THAT

  1. mykel says:

    Where the mind goes, the man follows.

  2. markblock says:

    good words!

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