There Has Been An Assassination

      Story has it someone was recently assassinated. I haven’t confirmed the authenticity of the story but I’m hoping you could help me out. Wondering who was gunned down. Hmmmmmm I’m thinking too, just like you. It’s not yet trending on twitter but I can tell you it’s trending and topping the list in our heart. Now you ask who’s the assassinator and the assassinated.

    Let me paint a picture and it will help you answer the question. Ever been disappointed by a friend , did something really nasty to you, may or may not be aware that you’re upset because you never brought it up (I’m sure you’ve remembered one sorry I meant many). The thought of it now just takes you down a road you’ve tried to erase. I’m sorry about that but don’t we all have that one road in our heads we like to put a detour sign.  Anyway  back to the picture painting. You’re upset and somehow in a conversation with a close friend you bring it up and it takes over the conversation and you talk about that person as though you were in a therapy session. I’m done with the picture .

   Therapist   Ever heard of Character Assassination? You know what, for every time you discuss a person behind their back all in the name of letting someone know you were hurt you’ve just assassinated someone’s character.

     Can I tell you a secret? Yes I can see your eyes light up and your antennas searching for signals. I was so good at character assassination until I got a devotion from Encouragement for Today and I knew instantly I was guilty. For every time I told a friend or a relative of something that was done to me wrongly, something didn’t feel right on the inside. I wasn’t sensitive enough to know what the ill-feeling was all about. I though by telling someone I would feel better. A typical example. I’m hanging out with a group of friends and suddenly someone goes what’s up with you? You look kinda moody and trust me to get a sympathy party I go blah, blah and blah again on what friend A did to me. Everyone starts to dissect the issue on the table and mind you it’s my side of the story they all know and the person isn’t given a fair hearing. Instantly a label is placed on that person.


    I wish I was alone in this but truth is if you can be just a little honest with yourself you’ll find yourself in my shoes right now. Interestingly I came across this verse Matthew 18 vs 15 “If your brother wrongs you, go and show him his fault, between you and him privately” (AMP). Did we notice the key words in bold. I can’t remember reading call your friends or ping them, call for a family meeting or even your pastor. All these other people are all important for mediation but come in when the person doesn’t listen to you .

     We can’t ignore the fact that we’ve been hurt by people or even hurt other people. I can’t promise you, you’ll have a hurt free relationship with people. Disappointments, hurting feelings will come , human beings are so uncertain and the body we live in is still very weak. Have I been hurt before yea, so many times and have I hurt people? I’ll probably lose count. My dear what you should be concerned with is what you make out of that hurting situation but going around with the story is a no no it doesn’t help and will never. Many people have been ruined by this. It has crept into the fabrics of our lives and its tearing people down from homes to the office and even in the church, this attitude can be seen. Eph 4 vs 29 “Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift” (MSG) The discussion you are having is it helping the person? Most of the time the person may not know you’re upset meanwhile we’ve already stripped them bare in front of our friends.

  xter assasination 

Can we take a stand to get rid of this attitude? We can all say this prayer together. Dear Lord I’m sorry for all the times I pulled people down with my tongue. Please I ask for Your forgiveness and pray that with my mouth I’ll build people up. May my tongue be an instrument of peace and not war. Amen.

Like Jesus will say “Go and sin no more”.

Loads of Love.



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