I AM NOT………………………….

Just saw a movie a while ago. I won’t bore you with the details but something struck me. Here was a TDH (thanks to my big sis Toun for telling me what it meant) guy , intelligent, your take home to momma kinda guy, a pilot and did I mention rich (Yea it matters oh) but ……this is the point where the accolades stop. He was an alcoholic which eventually caused his license to be revoked. Here’s something I noticed he never admitted to having a drinking problem, secretly he would try to empty his house of every trace of alcohol by pouring it down the sink and all but before people he never admitted it. He eventually owned up to it and became sober but all this change happened behind bar.
Prison Bar

By now you are getting my drift. So I ask what’s that thing you say I AM NOT but you can hear your conscience screaming at you it’s a lie oh just like the cat.


Now let’s all pause and do a one minute silence session and listen to what’s been said on the inside. Time up. Now I ask what did you hear? Truth is we tend to think, admitting to an addiction or a problem shows a weak side of us. On the contrary it’s actually a sign of strength. Some of us reading this will be like I’m not addicted to alcohol or the other relatives (we all know the popular cousins and brothers) so this isn’t for me. Just hold it, at least it’s better to be addicted to alcohol that’s really popular and many people have been saved from it so one can look to such people for help. Now to you the “holier than thou” who doesn’t drink but slanders with your tongue, what do we do about you? We can get rid of alcohol temporarily by shutting out the supply but we can’t cut off your tongue (Ouch didn’t mean it to come out this bad)

Can we just be honest with ourselves and admit to our hidden addictions. Here’s a little secret the enemy will do everything to stop you from knowing. Once that addiction is exposed to Light it loses it stronghold over you. The procrastination is eating you up. The best time to start is now. There’s a lot embedded on the inside of you don’t let a “but” to be associated with you. Look for someone who you can be accountable to, a close friend, mentor, pastor, or a specialist in that area. Someone you know who won’t try to make you feel less of yourself but will walk with you through the healing process. That’s the first step to healing. I can’t promise it will be a bump – free ride but the end result will keep you on course. And above all seek the Holy Spirit’s help for when we are weak His strength is made manifest. Your healing story will transform so many lives. See you on the other side.
Loads of Love

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2 Responses to I AM NOT………………………….

  1. nwankwo nwachi says:

    I love this cz I hv my own areas where I am weak but shy away from owning up to it but unfortunately I forget that it is in my weakness that I am made strong.thanks for ds reminder

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