Ever experienced at home, in the office, in a gathering or anywhere else something needed to be done and a particular person comes in, and everyone goes Yea!!! (I’m excused to use my name) JMAD is here and she’ll handle it. Yea, guess you’re thinking now and a particular name pops up in your head and you’re remembering your last gathering and it was time to cast a vote  and everyone unanimously voted the person.
You see, many people always think such people are super-humans or in Igbo anwu-anwu. Truth is there’s a lot of pressure indirectly on such people and subconsciously they become perfectionist.

Perfectionist Scale
Perfectionist Scale

  Now you see what you’ve turned them into *smh. These super-humans are the ones everyone runs to for counsel. You know, that your friend is having issues in her relationship she calls you up, that friend of yours is stranded financially he calls you up, a sister has a nightmare guess you can complete her next line of action and so many other scenarios you can relate to. Everyone seems to think you have it all figured out in fact you could be referred to as a “life google” that has all the answers but hey we forget something and like T.D. Jakes puts it “Sometimes the superhero needs to be saved too”. That person we run to all the time could have relationship/marital issues, financial challenges sometimes and even have a dream where a lion is holding a gun and pursuing him/her (all na nightmare).

    You know, I can relate to one of the characters mentioned. To a large extent I like to have everything figured out and always want to make sure it’s done excellently well. God now blessed me with a boss who’s so detailed and in my quest to get it right so he won’t complain I get to push myself that I literally wrote in my book “Chijioke go through every document more than once”.

imagesCAP06QV0Am I perfect yet? No. In fact made a mistake a while ago and I instantly had a rise in temperature and a headache and was just upset and a friend said I’m only human. Yea in the words of an actress on E! “that’s a true story”.

Truth is no one ever gets to that point of perfection. I can hear my faithful bible scholars asking what of Matthew 5 vs 48 “Be ye perfect just as Your Heavenly Father is”. I’m not a theologian but did a little research and found out the Bible wasn’t originally written in English rather in Greek. So I think we all need English – Greek Dictionary (lol). Anyway Perfect in that context in Greek means Teleios which is translated to Mature, Complete. So you can go back, read it and understand it better. Perfection is not always realised but it must always remain the goal which leads to constant improvement.

imagesCAY3LREPIt’s a lofty idea but here’s a little secret instead of trying on your own to get to the point of perfection just turn to Our Ultimate Helper the Holy Spirit for help. If you fall under the crowd that’s always pointing at someone (supposed perfect) or going to someone for help why not aspire to be one people will point to for help. At least you would have left the crowd and become a stand-alone and if you ask me it’s one great achievement.


14 thoughts on “SUPER – HUMAN”

  1. All d burning out I experienced in Uni… Chai…
    I was d ‘go to girl’ in church,class and hostel… But like u said, I too knew where to draw help from. In all these though, I got a personal revelation…
    I’m a woman and a half jor… Now that’s a level above super human… #rogerthat#
    I have sown enough seeds… They await me in my future… #thatswhatHEsaidtome#

  2. Sweetie, I’m both inspired and impressed that you’ve chosen to follow up on ur God given talent. That keeps me thinking! Weldone gurl, nice piece here!

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