Whew! I’m finally here. Thank God for friends who push you and eventually get you off your comfort zone.
There’s a little something I felt I should share because many of us even reading this now are asking the same question HAS HE REALLY HEARD?
I played mum to my little cousin over the weekend (A shout out to all the mothers who visited us in boarding school and even kept them waiting under the sun) I’m prostrating. Anyway I had to pick up a book for her from the market with my very faithful cab guy. Apparently some guys/touts had done an all night prayers for someone to fall prey and yea I was an answered prayer for them (don’t even know who they prayed to). They blocked us in front of the market that the car wasn’t registered with a particular area council. My dear it wasn’t funny. Obviously they needed some money either we part with five thousand or the cab gets impounded in their office which is another story.
I had to become a professional beggar to the supposed “boss” who by the way had bleached fingers, really big stature and was wearing a wannabe ladies neck piece. At the end of the experience I parted with Three Thousand.
I kinda felt good that I didn’t pay the entire sum only to get to church on Sunday and after lifting holy hands the sermon came and GBAM!!! It hit me. A lot of places where read on bribery and how it cuts short our lives (Prov. 15 vs. 27b). Then the condemnation sets in. You know that condemning voice that keeps on ringing out loud in your ears. I felt really awful and asked God for forgiveness but you know what I immediately wore a sullen countenance that clung to me as I went for the second service. But in that state a verse popped up on the inside 1st John 3 vs. 20 “Even if we feel guilty, God is greater than our feelings, and He knows everything” NLT.
That changed everything and that answers the question YES HE REALLY HEARD. You know we are in the Second month of the year and made a couple of resolutions and plans. Probably habits to drop and somehow down the road we find ourselves doing those things we had decided to stop and we feel let down and guilty. Truth is we all get to that phase once in a while. Question isn’t if God will forgive rather are we willing to forgive ourselves?
Just like me I messed up, no two ways about it but I’ve equally received forgiveness from God and I’ve forgiven myself too. I urge you to do same and walk guilt-free with your heads lifted up.
Have a great week ahead.

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15 Responses to HAS HE REALLY HEARD!!!

  1. Eziaha says:

    Yay baby!!!
    I’m number one to comment. I hope…
    Welcome to blogville
    Bribery n corruption hehehe…
    Lesson learnt…
    Meanwhile why is d fish story now…

  2. visages parfait says:

    Gods’ love is not legalistic_he doesn’t condem us even after we have bribed_ 🙂 _ Does he really hear us?_that very instant when we call,he comes running_like a mother 2 her wailing child! Weldone gal…gr8 job!

  3. Ezinne says:

    This write up is really inspiring thanks for making me feel less guilty about the things I do n think that God could never forgive me for He really hears n cares about me. Keep up the good work dear . Love u loads

    • JMAD says:

      @Ezinne thanks dear. We get to a point where we stop relying on our own strength and depend solely on the Holy Spirit to empower us in our weaknesses. We have been saved from the guilt of sin and like the theme for the month deliverance from shame which guilt brings.

  4. Henry Egeonu says:

    This article has ministered to me in ways you cannot understand. Nice one JMAD

  5. Ebere says:

    Nice one CJ! May God help us!!!

  6. LynnVille says:

    My lady down the road….loll. Nice post dear,, inspiring too. Welcome to blogsville….

  7. ANITA says:

    Nice piece dear.. I love Eziaha.. n i’m loving u already.

  8. Eziaha says:

    Lols Anita thanks dearie…
    Of course CJ I’m a charmer… :p

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