imagesCA7D3NJULet’s go back in time, way back into time when we lived in a fairy world as children. We simply thought of what we wanted to be in future and played out that role either at home or in school. Most of us stayed with that thought and looking back now we are living out those roles we played.There’s something I’ve observed under the sun and I’m sure you can relate to it. We get so caught up with achieving goals we’ve set out that every other thing ceases to exist. One would think when we get to the peak of our achievements we can boldly beat our chest with a sigh of relief, but there’s a hidden truth we don’t always want to admit. It’s a sudden feeling of emptiness.
A young man some time ago had awesome plans for the future and the path he chose was to obey the entire commandments and guess what he did just that. Can we take a minute to give him a standing ovation he deserves an Oscar.Standing Ovation His next plan should have been unto the next one but there was a hunger inside of him that all the accolades couldn’t satisfy. You know when you get to that point of hunger where nothing anyone says or does seem to make sense anymore. It will drive you to do anything and I mean anything if a restrain isn’t applied. Prov. 6 vs 30 “Men do not despise a thief if he steals to satisfy himself when he is hungry, but if he’s found out he must restore seven times what he stole…….” AMP (May we not get to that stage oh).

This young man had to look for answers and met Jesus and this was the conversation.Matthew 19 vs 19 – 20 “Honour your father and mother, love your neighbour asyourself………  I’VE DONE ALL THAT WHAT’S LEFT. imagesCAVSTQOK
Can you relate to this story or do you know anyone who was portrayed in this story? This isn’t written to dissuade you from achieving great heights. What’s your aim for setting out such goals? Are you thinking getting a PhD. will make people respect and give you some form of self-worth, getting that new car to screech pass your supposed proud neighbour and get some little dust in their eyes, growing up you had mean relatives and now you want to make so much money to put them in their rightful positions or perhaps like the woman at the well who maybe, was starved of love from her father as a child and thought she could get it from her spouse and ended up with five different husbands and was still unsatisfied. You see the list could go on and on and truth be told we are missing out on one thing. None of these things can truly satisfy. Solomon in all his wisdom and wealth referred to all his achievements as vanity, chasing after the wind. He summed it up in Ecc 3 vs 11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He also has planted eternity in men’s heart and minds (a divinely implanted sense of a purpose…….which nothing under the sun but God alone can satisfy) …..” AMP.
Until we get to the point of living out our intended purpose on earth we’ll all end up living the “supposed” life but when we go to bed at night we feel a deep sense of emptiness. We can even become committed church workers and still feel empty so don’t think you the church lady or guy is exempted, nah we are all in this together.imagesCA576NJ9

God wants us to live victorious lives on earth. He has awesome plans for us already set out before we were knit in our mother’s womb. Are we willing to let go of trying to fix our lives on our own and let the Ultimate Potter give shape to the clay.
Quit struggling and let God have His way. Don’t put Jesus in your schedule, make Him top priority and He’ll direct the rest of your journey. See you all at the top.



Ever heard of the phrase leading beyond the grave. We tend to hear someone’s dead and gone. Yesterday a memorial service was put together for not just a man but a great man Pastor Ina Omakwu who passed on, on the 25th of February 2003. Today is exactly 10 years he left this earth but he’s not gone his legacy lives on.
Pst InaI never met Pastor Ina but it’s amazing to hear messages he preached so many years ago  still have a lot of impact now. In fact it was a message he preached God knows when that inspired my first post. I have listened to people talk of the encounters they had with him and most of them didn’t talk of his sermons rather his life style. Below are some of the tributes.
Mr Boss Mustapha “To Pastor Ina Sunday was a day to prepare the congregation for the week, his vision was to turn the multitude into members and then into ministers.”
Mrs John “He taught my husband and I that parents can negotiate with their children and our relationship with our kids improved.”
Mrs Sarah Ochekpe “He taught Christ and the Bible in its simplest way.”
Deacon Eugene “He taught me simplicity in the things of God hence I had a joy walking with God. He taught me to demystify money by making me see money as a messenger and me the boss. He was a true lover of people even on his sick bed he remembered my birthday”
Pastor Kailo “He was not just interested in your work in church, he’ll go further to what you do for a living and even go further to ask after your mother. He was a unifying factor. Convened an inter-denominational service that broke the barriers of denominations. He was a giver and it always came timely.
Pastor Wale” He had a family impact. Everyone in the home got touched in one way or the other. He was a man who cared about people’s debts. He was paid some money by the CBS for some job and he called for a meeting of the staff and asked all those who had pledged towards the support of the church building to write down the amounts they owed and he started paying off the amount he could afford with the amount he was paid (This broke my heart). He believed in the worst of people and brought out the best in them.
The Omakwu'sPastor Sarah (His Wife) “ He was fun-loving, intelligent and humane. He made the Word JESUS real. He did husband real well. He was the best man that ever lived apart from God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and maybe just maybe after Abraham , Jacob and Isaac.(This statement put a big smile on my face and caused the tear to stop flowing for a while).
The Family  *A deep breath*. These are just a few I can remember. The memorial service got me thinking, and just like my theme LIVE TO LEAVE A LEGACY, what will I be remembered for. This is a man I never met but the words God spoke through him are still finding relevance and it comes all the time refreshed.
I ask you now to join me to think of this, what will people remember you for when you are gone.
Pastor Wale said something so profound and I quote him “It’s a rare occurrence to have good and great together but Pastor Ina was a great man and very good too. He went further and said when you are good at something you tell people of it but when you are great people tell of it. I saw a model man in him. A pastor of pastors and leader of leaders.”
imagesCAHJYYHLAs we remember the memory of a great man Pastor Ina whose life is still inspiring beyond the grave may we all re – examine our lives and live it in such a way that when we are gone our foot – prints will be remembered on the sand of time.
Loads of Love

There Has Been An Assassination

      Story has it someone was recently assassinated. I haven’t confirmed the authenticity of the story but I’m hoping you could help me out. Wondering who was gunned down. Hmmmmmm I’m thinking too, just like you. It’s not yet trending on twitter but I can tell you it’s trending and topping the list in our heart. Now you ask who’s the assassinator and the assassinated.

    Let me paint a picture and it will help you answer the question. Ever been disappointed by a friend , did something really nasty to you, may or may not be aware that you’re upset because you never brought it up (I’m sure you’ve remembered one sorry I meant many). The thought of it now just takes you down a road you’ve tried to erase. I’m sorry about that but don’t we all have that one road in our heads we like to put a detour sign.  Anyway  back to the picture painting. You’re upset and somehow in a conversation with a close friend you bring it up and it takes over the conversation and you talk about that person as though you were in a therapy session. I’m done with the picture .

   Therapist   Ever heard of Character Assassination? You know what, for every time you discuss a person behind their back all in the name of letting someone know you were hurt you’ve just assassinated someone’s character.

     Can I tell you a secret? Yes I can see your eyes light up and your antennas searching for signals. I was so good at character assassination until I got a devotion from Encouragement for Today and I knew instantly I was guilty. For every time I told a friend or a relative of something that was done to me wrongly, something didn’t feel right on the inside. I wasn’t sensitive enough to know what the ill-feeling was all about. I though by telling someone I would feel better. A typical example. I’m hanging out with a group of friends and suddenly someone goes what’s up with you? You look kinda moody and trust me to get a sympathy party I go blah, blah and blah again on what friend A did to me. Everyone starts to dissect the issue on the table and mind you it’s my side of the story they all know and the person isn’t given a fair hearing. Instantly a label is placed on that person.


    I wish I was alone in this but truth is if you can be just a little honest with yourself you’ll find yourself in my shoes right now. Interestingly I came across this verse Matthew 18 vs 15 “If your brother wrongs you, go and show him his fault, between you and him privately” (AMP). Did we notice the key words in bold. I can’t remember reading call your friends or ping them, call for a family meeting or even your pastor. All these other people are all important for mediation but come in when the person doesn’t listen to you .

     We can’t ignore the fact that we’ve been hurt by people or even hurt other people. I can’t promise you, you’ll have a hurt free relationship with people. Disappointments, hurting feelings will come , human beings are so uncertain and the body we live in is still very weak. Have I been hurt before yea, so many times and have I hurt people? I’ll probably lose count. My dear what you should be concerned with is what you make out of that hurting situation but going around with the story is a no no it doesn’t help and will never. Many people have been ruined by this. It has crept into the fabrics of our lives and its tearing people down from homes to the office and even in the church, this attitude can be seen. Eph 4 vs 29 “Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift” (MSG) The discussion you are having is it helping the person? Most of the time the person may not know you’re upset meanwhile we’ve already stripped them bare in front of our friends.

  xter assasination 

Can we take a stand to get rid of this attitude? We can all say this prayer together. Dear Lord I’m sorry for all the times I pulled people down with my tongue. Please I ask for Your forgiveness and pray that with my mouth I’ll build people up. May my tongue be an instrument of peace and not war. Amen.

Like Jesus will say “Go and sin no more”.

Loads of Love.


I AM NOT………………………….

Just saw a movie a while ago. I won’t bore you with the details but something struck me. Here was a TDH (thanks to my big sis Toun for telling me what it meant) guy , intelligent, your take home to momma kinda guy, a pilot and did I mention rich (Yea it matters oh) but ……this is the point where the accolades stop. He was an alcoholic which eventually caused his license to be revoked. Here’s something I noticed he never admitted to having a drinking problem, secretly he would try to empty his house of every trace of alcohol by pouring it down the sink and all but before people he never admitted it. He eventually owned up to it and became sober but all this change happened behind bar.
Prison Bar

By now you are getting my drift. So I ask what’s that thing you say I AM NOT but you can hear your conscience screaming at you it’s a lie oh just like the cat.


Now let’s all pause and do a one minute silence session and listen to what’s been said on the inside. Time up. Now I ask what did you hear? Truth is we tend to think, admitting to an addiction or a problem shows a weak side of us. On the contrary it’s actually a sign of strength. Some of us reading this will be like I’m not addicted to alcohol or the other relatives (we all know the popular cousins and brothers) so this isn’t for me. Just hold it, at least it’s better to be addicted to alcohol that’s really popular and many people have been saved from it so one can look to such people for help. Now to you the “holier than thou” who doesn’t drink but slanders with your tongue, what do we do about you? We can get rid of alcohol temporarily by shutting out the supply but we can’t cut off your tongue (Ouch didn’t mean it to come out this bad)

Can we just be honest with ourselves and admit to our hidden addictions. Here’s a little secret the enemy will do everything to stop you from knowing. Once that addiction is exposed to Light it loses it stronghold over you. The procrastination is eating you up. The best time to start is now. There’s a lot embedded on the inside of you don’t let a “but” to be associated with you. Look for someone who you can be accountable to, a close friend, mentor, pastor, or a specialist in that area. Someone you know who won’t try to make you feel less of yourself but will walk with you through the healing process. That’s the first step to healing. I can’t promise it will be a bump – free ride but the end result will keep you on course. And above all seek the Holy Spirit’s help for when we are weak His strength is made manifest. Your healing story will transform so many lives. See you on the other side.
Loads of Love